US Type EE Binocular Case

US Type EE Binocular Case
This is the bino case with the compass on the top lid.  It was in use during WWI and into WWII.
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The Type EE Binoculars were usually made by Bausch & Lomb or Naval Optics Factory, and are still quite easy to find.  Original cases in complete condition are almost non-existent.  This reproduction provides a new home for your original EE binos.
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US Leather Binocular Case Strap
Leather Shoulder Strap for M17 Binocular Case. These straps are often missing from original cases, so I made some extra. Our Price: US$ 14.00

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US Binocular Strap
New production of the tan leather binocular strap issued with all US Army binos in WWII. This is the one that attaches to the binoculars, not the strap for the bino case. Our Price: US$ 8.00

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