US Sword Knot for M1913 Patton Saber

US Sword Knot for M1913 Patton Saber
 A perfect museum quality reproduction of the very rare sword knot issued with the M1913 Saber
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US M1917 Sword Carrier for Patton Sword

This saddle mounted saber carrier was designed in 1917 to replace the failed M1912 carrier for the Patton Sword.  Not many were made, and they were generally used only by officers.  This carrier fits the M1912 Patton Sword with the field scabbard.  This is a museum quality reproduction.  Scabbard is not included.

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US M1904 Lariat Strap

A perfect recreation of the strap used to attach the M1904 lariat to the McClellan saddle.

Our Price: US$ 9.00

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US M1904 Saber Straps

New reproduction of the pair of straps used to attach the saber or sword to the M1904 and M1928 saddles.  These were used until the sword was withdrawn from service in the 1930's.

Our Price: US$ 15.00

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