UK Officer Pattern Leather Holster for Sam Browne Belt

UK Officer Pattern Leather Holster for Sam Browne Belt
Standard large frame revolver holster for Sam Browne belts.
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This pattern was adopted around 1900, and will fit all large frame revolvers:  Colt, S&W, Webley.  Holster is in natural leather, so you can dye it to match your other leather equipment, or just let it turn color naturally.
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UK Cavalry Holster Adapter
Many British officers preferred to wear the revolver on the left side suspended from the rings of the Sam Browne belt when mounted.  This normally required a special holster, but this clever adapter, copied from an original by Wilkinson, allows any holster to be carried in this manner.  Simply slip the adapter in the holster belt loop, and attach the suspension straps to the Sam Browne belt. Our Price: US$ 18.00

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UK P08 Entrenching Tool Handle (Reproduction)

Perfect reproduction of the early style handle without bayonet mount, used throughout WWI and WWII.

Our Price: US$ 15.00

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UK P14 Leather Pistol Ammunition Pouch
New reproduction of the original pattern pistol ammo pouch issued with P14 equipment. Our Price: US$ 32.00

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