US M1911 Sweater

US M1911 Sweater
US M1911 Sweater
US M1911 Sweater
US M1911 Sweater
A beautiful recreation of the scarce sweater adopted by the Army in 1911 and used through WWI.
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Made in heavyweight 100% olive drab wool. Check Size Chart.
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US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt
View In 1916 the Army modified the olive drab wool shirt with the addition of pocket flaps. This is the shirt that served American soldiers through the Mexican campaign and WWI, and was not replaced until 1937.

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US Pre-WWI Trouser Belt
View Reproduction Mills web trouser belt for US Army uniforms.

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US M1910 Dismounted Cartridge Belt -US Army or USMC

Reproduction. Select either US Army with Eagle snaps or USMC with EGA snaps.

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US M1906 Bedding Blanket - Available to US Customers Only
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A beautiful reproduction of the US Army blanket made to Quartermaster Corps 1906 specification No 807. Size 66 x 84, olive drab 100% wool with dark stripes at each end and embroidered "US" in the center. This is the blanket carried by all Doughboys in the field.
Our Price: US$ 75.00

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US Early Style Flat Cap for M1910 Canteen

A new reproduction of the earliest style of canteen cap for the M1910 canteen.  It has a distinctive flat top with a finely knurled ring around the edge.  Includes cork gasket, chain and retaining ring.  Some bending may be required to attach the ring to your canteen neck.

Our Price: US$ 9.00

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