US M1911 Sweater

US M1911 Sweater
US M1911 Sweater
US M1911 Sweater
US M1911 Sweater
A beautiful recreation of the scarce sweater adopted by the Army in 1911 and used through WWI.
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Made in heavyweight 100% olive drab wool. Check Size Chart.
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US M42 Paratrooper Trousers
View WPG set out to make the best reproduction of the M1942 Trousers, Parachute Jumper. Made in a correct shade of OD 3 (there are many correct shades), in 100% cotton twill. These trousers copy every sewing feature of the original including all the bar tacks.

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US M1911 Leather Puttees

In 1911 the US Army switched from canvas leggings to leather puttees for all mounted services.  There were several variations issued until the switch to leather lined canvas leggings in 1917.  Current production are supplied in natural undyed leather.

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US Sweater Vest
View The Sweater Vest was popular in both World Wars.  Some were issued, but the vast majority were knitted by volunteers and distributed by the Red Cross, in many different patterns.  This is a reproduction of one such pattern in 100% olive drab wool.
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US M1912 Army Eagle Snap Mills Web Magazine Pouch

Reproduction of the Mills web Magazine pouch for the M1911 pistol magazine, with Army Eagle Snaps.

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US M1906 Bedding Blanket First Quality - Available to US Customers Only
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Museum quality reproduction.
Our Price: US$ 65.00
Retail Price: US$ 75.00

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