Jodhpur Strap Boot

Jodhpur Strap Boot
This style of boots became popular with British officer in India, who brought it back to England.
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US Army officers also bought them. This timeless style has been resurrected in this beautiful new production by WPG. Fully calfskin lined, with a padded footbed for extra comfort. These are as comfortable as they are beautiful, and will complement either uniform or civilian attire.
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British White Enameled Mugs
New reproduction. British Army mugs changed from white to brown during WWII, and by 1944 this was the more common color. No markings. Our Price: US$ 9.00

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UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards

WWII Jack Knife Lanyards

Our Price: US$ 3.00

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Indian Army Khaki Sweater with Pockets and Epaulets
View This is the sweater immortalized in the WWII cartoon series "The Two Types." A heavy weight all wool sweater popular with British officers on the Northwest Frontier, it was worn in the Western Desert in WWII as a sign that the wearer had "been there," as opposed to being fresh from Blighty.  Two front chest pockets, epaulets for wearing rank slides, cotton elbow patches.

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USMC Camouflage Complete Shelter Tent - For Non-US Customers only
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This is a complete 2-man tent comprising:
- 2 x Camo Shelter Halves (104015)
- 2 x Folding Poles (100819)
- 2 x Ropes (100820)
- 10 x Tent Pegs (100822)
- 1 x Tent Peg Bag (100821).
Our Price: US$ 195.00

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UK Small Wash Basin, Large Wash Basin and Stand Set (Original) - Available to US Customers Only

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WPG found some original WWII production camp equipment, including these wash basin sets. This item was normally a part of every officer's camp kit.  We are now selling the complete kit as originally issued.  

Our Price: US$ 65.00

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