USMC Camouflage Shelter Half (For Non-US Customers only)

USMC Camouflage Shelter Half (For Non-US Customers only)
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New reproduction of the camo shelter half adopted by the Marines in 1941.  This is a museum quality repro made in medium weight cotton duck with reversible (not two-layer like some other repros) camo pattern and double-sided "sunburst" buttons.  For those who don't do their homework, a USMC shelter half has two closed ends.  Guaranteed to delight.
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US Binocular Strap
New production of the tan leather binocular strap issued with all US Army binos in WWII. This is the one that attaches to the binoculars, not the strap for the bino case. Our Price: US$ 8.00

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US Hawkins Mines
An exact replica of the No. 75 Hawkins Mine. This is not a paint thinner can with a bracket glued on, but an exact reproduction with the embossed sides and cap. Our Price: US$ 38.00

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US Tent Peg
Standard wooden tent peg for GI pup tent. New reproduction.  Price is for ONE peg.
Our Price: US$ 2.50

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US Shelter Half Accessory Kit (Package)

1 Folding Tent Pole (100819000)
5 Wooden Tent Stakes (100822000)
1 Shelter Half Rope (100820000)
1 Tent Peg Bag (100821000)

Our Price: US$ 35.00

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UK Ascot scarf

Blue with white dots. Very popular with the RAF crowd and Pukka Sahibs when hanging out at Shepheard's in Cairo.

Our Price: US$ 14.00

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