Us Rank Chevron - Original (Embroidered)

Us Rank Chevron - Original (Embroidered)
Unissued and still in original bundles. PRICE IS PER PAIR.
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US Post WWI Spur Straps

The design of spur straps changed after WWI to a straight strap with no taper. Set of 4 straps, two upper and two lower.

Our Price: US$ 15.00

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UK Rank Chevrons (Original)
View WPG located a huge stash of original WWII or earlier production chevrons on original khaki wool cloth.  These are suitable for wear either as rank or as service stripes.  Price is per pair.

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Infantry or USMC Dismounted Leather Chinstrap for M1911 Campaign Hat
This is a new made reproduction of the standard dismounted style campaign hat chinstrap used by US Army Infantry and by the US Marines. 
Our Price: US$ 10.00

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