US M1903 Mills 8-pocket Mounted Pistol Belt for .38 Revolver

US M1903 Mills 8-pocket Mounted Pistol Belt for .38 Revolver
A new reproduction of this scarce belt. Each pocket holds 6 rounds of .38 Colt ammo. Eagle snaps. Mounted version with sword chape. Belt only Holster and saber carrier are sold separately.
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Reproduction MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag as used by Indiana Jones
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US M1910 Mills Garrison Belt
View Museum quality reproduction of this rare belt.  Comes complete with two Clip pouches and bayonet frog.  All fitting blackened brass with all original markings.  Size options 42 inches and 48 inches completely extended.

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US M1917 Sword Carrier for Patton Sword

This saddle mounted saber carrier was designed in 1917 to replace the failed M1912 carrier for the Patton Sword.  Not many were made, and they were generally used only by officers.  This carrier fits the M1912 Patton Sword with the field scabbard.  This is a museum quality reproduction.  Scabbard is not included.

Our Price: US$ 60.00

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US M1910 Canvas Mills Bandolier

This was the first bandolier adopted for the M1903 Springfield for use by the Cavalry.  These items were not sturdy, and are extremely rare today.  This WPG reproduction fills the void.  Eagle snaps on all pockets.

Our Price: US$ 75.00

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US M1904 First Aid Pouch

This is a new reproduction of the first model of first aid pouch issued by the US Army, in 1904.  This one is smaller than the M1907 pouch and made to carry a cloth wrapped dressing similar to the British First Field Dressing.

Our Price: US$ 12.00

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