UK P14 Haversack (Small Pack)

 UK P14 Haversack (Small Pack)
New reproduction of the side pack worn with P14 leather equipment.
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UK P14 Large Pack
New reproduction of the large back pack worn with P14 leather equipment. Our Price: US$ 45.00

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View Long bill, EGA stamped. Overruns from Flags of our Fathers. Size S is about 7; M is about 7 1/4; size L about 7 1/2.

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UK Water Bottle Cover

Thick khaki felt, WWI style, reproduction.

Our Price: US$ 10.00

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UK British Officer Brass Rank Stars
View Commonly known as rank pips, it is nearly impossible these days to match up originals due to the endless variations of this simple item. WPG offers these in a choice of shiny gilt (for service dress) or darkened bronze (for combat uniforms). Price is per star.

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US Early Style Flat Cap for M1910 Canteen

A new reproduction of the earliest style of canteen cap for the M1910 canteen.  It has a distinctive flat top with a finely knurled ring around the edge.  Includes cork gasket, chain and retaining ring.  Some bending may be required to attach the ring to your canteen neck.

Our Price: US$ 9.00

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UK P14 Leather Braces
A new reproduction of the leather shoulder straps adopted in 1914 due to
the shortage of web equipment.   Price is for a pair of straps with
Our Price: US$ 28.00

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