US Navy Summer White Cotton Middy Blouse (Improved Body Length)

US Navy Summer White Cotton Middy Blouse (Improved Body Length)
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This summer white middy served as both dress and undress uniform during WWII. All cotton in a beefy twill construction. Sleeves were usually shortened to end above the wrist.

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View This package consists of Khaki Shirt (102536) and Trousers (102400) only. This is the uniform worn at Pearl Harbor, the Phillipines, and all over the Pacific Theater. Order overseas cap, necktie and belt separately if you need them to complete this uniform. The Khaki Service (saucer) Cap is NOT available from WPG

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U.S. Army Officer's Cap Badge
Early WWII straight wing large badge, custom made for WPG. Our Price: US$ 15.00

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US A-4 Flight Suit

An exact reproduction of the AAF flight suit that served through all of WWII. Though classified as a summer flight suit, the wool gabardine construction made it suitable from year-round wear in the ETO. Size 38-52 chest, Regular and Long (over 6') sizes. Send height when ordering for best fit.

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US B-1 Flight Cap

This is the very rare companion cap to the A-4 Flight Suit. Made in 100% wool gabardine.

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US M2 Parachutists Knife
Excellent reproduction of the famed paratrooper of WWII. It is stainless steel. Our Price: US$ 32.00
Retail Price: US$ 50.00

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