Canadian 1916 Pattern Haversack

Canadian 1916 Pattern Haversack
New reproduction of the small pack issued with the Canadian 1916 Pattern equipment, nornally worn hanging on the belt.
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Canadian 1916 Pattern Large Pack
View New reproduction of the scarce backpack issued with the Canadian 1916 Pattern equipment.  This pack attaches to the leather yoke and belt of the basic equipment.
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UK Cap Comforters

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UK Buttons for P-37 Battledress and Khaki Drill Shorts
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British Army Issue Towel

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UK P-37 Web Anklets or Gaiters, khaki WWII dated (Original)
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Canadian 1916 Pattern Leather Equipment Belt
New reproduction of the leather belt adopted in 1916 for Canadian forces. These belts are adjustable, and available in two sizes:  Original size adjusts out to 42 inches; XL sizes adjusts out to 48 inches.
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