UK Sam Browne Ammo Pouch (Improved Run)

UK Sam Browne Ammo Pouch (Improved Run)
This is my new reproduction of the pistol ammo pouch used with British officer's Sam Browne belts.  The back has a wide leather loop to attach to the 2 3/4 inch wide Sam Browne belt.
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US M1904 Lariat Strap

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UK Leather Webley Holster

This is a new reproduction of one of the many styles of open top holster for .455 Webley and other large frame revolvers.  We have 3 different variations available.  All are the same except for method of attachment to the belt.  Brass cleaning rod is included.

Style 1 - Unknown pattern, similar to P14 pattern, attaches to the belt by two buckled straps.
Style 2 - P08 Pattern was made for use with the p08 Web Equipment, and attaches to the P08 web belt by two brass clips.
Style 3 - P03 Pattern was made for use with the P03 Leather Equipment, and attaches to the P03 leather belt by a leather belt loop.

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