US Navy White Leggings (Original)

US Navy White Leggings (Original)
These are original, unissued Navy white leggings.  They are size 8, which will fit a calf that is 16 to 16 1/2 inches around.
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Long, long ago, when the US Navy trained new recruits at San Diego, Great Lakes and other long forgotten places, leggings were part of their daily uniform, reminiscent of the days when Naval landing parties were expected to assist the Marines with their pacification chores ashore.  More recently, white leggings were worn by shore patrol, color guards and other special details.

These are original, unissued Navy white leggings.  They are size 8 only, which will fit a calf that is 16 to 16 1/2 inches around.  It's pretty hard to find any larger than that.

I have also been successful in dying these to khaki.  If you can find a shade of dye that you like, first wash the leggings with soap, hot water and a little bleach to remove the preservative.  Then boil them in the dye for several hours.
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