UK Wool Fabric Cover for Mk 7 Water Bottle

UK Wool Fabric  Cover for Mk 7 Water Bottle
New reproduction replacement cover for WWII OD water bottle.
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Khaki wool fabric. Price for water bottle cover only.
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US Envelope style Overseas Cap
View This envelope style cap was never
issued, but was extremely popular with all the troops as a private purchase item. 

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US Luminous Discs
Although widely thought to be a paratrooper item, the luminous disc appears in the TO&E of every infantry unit.
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UK Web Binocular strap
New made exact reproduction of the khaki web bino strap issued in WWII. 
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UK Emergency Ration Tin

These tins were part of the basic equipment of many Tommies, but after the first emergency the tins were retained as a great waterproof storage container for personal items.

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UK Water Bottle Corks

A complete replacement cork including all metal fittings and the attaching twine. New reproduction.

Our Price: US$ 3.00

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