UK P-37 Entrenching Tool

UK P-37 Entrenching Tool
UK P-37 Entrenching Tool
UK P-37 Entrenching Tool
UK P-37 Entrenching Tool
UK P-37 Entrenching Tool
Original British WWII manufacture, May have postwar Danish acceptance stamp on the head. Very good to excellent condition.
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We found a stash of British style entrenching tool used by the Danish Army postwar. These are in very good to excellent condition, but heads may need repainting. These come with the late WWII style handle, with the bayonet attachment fixture. 

We have divided these into two grades:

GRADE 1: These have clear WWII manufacture dates 1941-1944, but may need repainting. Customers may request specific dates in order comments and we will do our best to accommodate the request.
GRADE 2: Dates not visible due to heavy coating of paint. These also may need repainting. The best ones go out first.
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