US Garrison Shoes

US Garrison Shoes
Also known as the Type II Service Shoe, these are the smooth russet ankle boots worn in the early part of the war by all Army troops. All these boots are E width.
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View These are 100% Wool, no synthetic fibers. Over 700 shirts and trousers sold to very satisfied customers. If you don't like them you can be the very first to return them.
This Package includes:
- M37 Shirt (100118) or M41 Shirt (102609)
- Trouser (102371)

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US Insignia Paratrooper Cap Badge

White Parachute on Blue Background. No, you have to sew it on yourself.

Our Price: US$ 6.00

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US Gas Mask Bag (Original)
MIVA1, early war kidney bag , unused, perfect condition, dusty, with all straps, no contents. Our Price: US$ 18.00

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US Web Gear Packages (Set 1)

Webbing Set (1), reproduction:
M1923 Cartridge Belt (100755)
M1936 Suspenders (100771)
M1936 Musette Bag (100769)

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US Black Neckties
Worn by all ranks 1926-1942 with winter uniforms. These are foreign surplus 100% wool and work very well as a substitute for the very rare US issue version. Our Price: US$ 8.00

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