US M1872 Meat Can

US M1872 Meat Can
US M1872 Meat Can
US M1872 Meat Can
US M1872 Meat Can
US M1872 Meat Can

New reproduction.

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Made of tin plated steel like originals. Designed to fit in the pocket of the 1872 haversack, as shown. Price for Meat Can only.

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US K-Ration Boxes (Repro)

There are three types of outer boxes:
Type 1: Plain cardboard with no menu, Early War BREAKFAST, DINNER, or SUPPER
Type 2: Plain cardboard with menu, Mid War DINNER or SUPPER
Type 3: Camouflage printed with menu, Very late war, (most camo boxes did not reach GI hands until the end of the war and beyond.) SUPPER only
* Each box comes with inner and outer boxes. Some folding and gluing required for assembly.

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US Khaki Cotton Summer Shirt (Officer)
View A perfect recreation of the WWII cotton khaki suntans. This is the uniform worn at Pearl Harbor, the Phillipines, and all over the Pacific Theater. This is Officer's style (with epaulets).

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US Mills Web Sling for Krag and Springfield Rifles
When leather slings proved difficult to maintain during the Philippine "Pacification," the Army purchased the Mills web sling for use on issue Krag and, later, Springfield M1903 rifles. contd/.
Our Price: US$ 25.00

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US M1878 Blanket Bag
View A new reproduction of the blanket bag first adopted in 1878.  This is the early version, slightly smaller than the 1902 modification, with black shoulder straps. 

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US Army Model 1878 Haversack
These are new reproductions of US issue haversacks, Models of 1878.
Our Price: US$ 32.00

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