US M1917 Mounted Canteen Cover Leather Strap

US M1917 Mounted Canteen Cover Leather Strap
New reproduction.
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New reproduction of the US M1917 Mounted canteen cover Strap.
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US Tent Peg
Standard wooden tent peg for GI pup tent. New reproduction.  Price is for ONE peg.
Our Price: US$ 2.50

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US M1908 Saddle Blanket (Slight Defect)
These are beautiful copies of the 1908 specification for cavalry saddle blankets, but the factory whipped the edges instead of accurately selvedging them.


Our Price: US$ 36.00

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US M1905 Cavalry Lariat

A beautiful recreation of this scarce rope used to picket cavalry horses.  Brown japanned hardware.

Our Price: US$ 48.00

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US Early Style Flat Cap for M1910 Canteen

A new reproduction of the earliest style of canteen cap for the M1910 canteen.  It has a distinctive flat top with a finely knurled ring around the edge.  Includes cork gasket, chain and retaining ring.  Some bending may be required to attach the ring to your canteen neck.

Our Price: US$ 9.00

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UK P14 Bayonet Frog
A new reproduction of the Leather carrier for the entrenching tool head
adopted in 1914 due to the short of P08 web equipment.  These repros copy
all details of the originals exactly.  The helve carrier that attaches to
the frog is sold separately.
Our Price: US$ 19.00

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