US Insignia Jump wing ovals

US Insignia Jump wing ovals
For 506th PIR.
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US Gas Brassards
Back in stock after a long dry spell. These were made by the same manufacturer who supplied them for Saving Private Ryan. Made of coated heavy paper, with khaki epaulet loop. Our Price: US$ 10.00

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US Rope, Parachutist
I have located another supply of kernmantle construction cotton rope that is nearly identical to the WWII paratrooper letdown rope. Our Price: US$ 15.00

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US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio

WPG now offers a very exact recreation of the WWII squad and platoon level radio, with an option for a functioning radio, or a display only shell that you can convert yourself. Each comes complete with khaki sling.

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