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Very fine shirt! Almost as comfortable as a sleep shirt (2021-05-25)
AMAZING SHIRT! I reenact as a US GI as well, and all the M37 wool shirts aren't nearly as smooth and comfortable as this British collarless shirt. It almost felt like I could use it as a sleep shirt. My only only critiques is hat I wish the neck was ever so slightly larger. I ordered the 38 chest, and my neck is a 15.5, but it felt like a 15 neck. And the other thing is that the buttons were very hard to put on and take off, and on the first time trying it on, the side of one of the holes started pulling away and ripping a bit. I hope it won't progress any further. Just thought it was a strange rip, never had a shirt do that before. Just gotta be careful when buttoning and unbuttoning in the future.

Barboza - US
Great service. (2020-08-28)
Super fast service and product.

Wylie - UK
WW2 collarless shirt (2020-07-18)
Looks good to me. Thanks

Booth - CA
WW2 collarless shirt (2020-07-06)
Looks great and fits great

Booth - CA
Superfast delivery!!! (2019-12-29)
Delighted to get another one at last. Very good quality!

McCabe - LU
Great shirt (2019-10-10)
Bought a size smaller and it fits perfectly. Nice itchy fabric, just as it should be!

Tess - NL
Quick always. (2019-09-26)
Good quality well made reproduction British OR’s shirt.Delivered with the usual WPG speed and efficiency. Thank you.

Askew - GB
Excellent product, fantastic service with great EMS int'l shipping. (2019-03-05)
Perfect fit. I'm short with a 38" chest at only 168cm tall and 63Kg(5'6" and 140lb) and the "size 40" fits nicely. Product is well sized, good material, and well stitched. It is a 100% WOOL shirt and is itchy. You need to wear and under shirt with this product. Definitely recommend for WWII UK military reenactors.

Raisin - US
Great fit Fast delivery (2019-01-26)
Item has great quality and fits well. sizes run true

Morgan - US
Very good reproduction (2018-10-31)
I ordered this shirt after researching other vendors. But this one is simply the best all the way to the fabric and style. Very close to the originals I have in my collection. Shipping was very fast.

van Bronkhorst - NL
very nice and comfortable shirt (2018-10-26)
I have worn it, and it is perfect for this time of year

Isenhart - US
super fast delivery (2018-05-21)
very high quality, quite pleased

McKee - US
Always satisfied (2017-11-18)
Nice shirt, well made, fits great!
Always happy with WPG, prices and quality, and DHL can not be beat

Oram - CA
Fast delivery (2017-09-28)
Shirt fits well, except for slightly tight collar. I can wear it as is; might be able to move button for a better fit. Very fast delivery.

Miller - US
Great product, fast delivery (2016-12-05)
The shirt looks just like originals I have seen. It is a perfect match for a shirt my great uncle was wearing in a photo from his training with the 198th Canadian Buffs. Many people have commented on how much they like it. Certainly itchy, but if you wear a dry fit underneath, it is fine.

Woodland - CA
Superb! (2016-03-04)
Excellent replica! Fit perfectly out of the shipping envelope! Lightening fast shipping! I am pleased in every respect!

Buna Bob - US
very surprised (2015-11-09)
The shirt is much better quality then I expected. It is a little ichy but that is taken care of by an under shirt.

Nolla - US
Collarless Shirt (2015-08-31)
I have access to an original & the cloth used on your reproduction matches the look,weight & finish of the original perfectly. I cannot write a better recommendation than that.

simmons - US
Brit Shirt (2015-03-18)
Very nice product. Good fit and construction.

Blunt - US
Mr (2014-06-14)
Wool collarless shirt is first rate

Robbie - GB
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2014-05-03)

massaro - IT
Collarless shirt (2014-04-04)
I am not a re-enactor. I sought this shirt for function, warmth, durability and range of motion. I got all that in this straightforward shirt. I bought my size and it is a perfect fit. I wondered what all the comments for fast shipping were about and then I found out. Amazed.

Rodriguez - US
Excellent ! (2014-03-05)
I had a complete British uniform, just this shirt was missing... Size is OK for me (52... no comment please !), and it looks like in the past... must be very hot in summer, but very good in winter !

Thanks, WPG

Duruz - CH, Perroy
collarless shirt (2013-12-01)
I like it very much

Jaroszewski - PL
Highly recommended! (2013-09-13)
Best quality repro UK enlisted man's shirt I have yet to handle!

Having handled a few originals. I can say, that of all the repros I have handled, the WPG version is the closest, to the originals I have handled, in both apperance, colour and materials.
Of couse almost endless variations of this shirt was made, so YMMW.

The thing I like most about the WPG shirt is the fact that the fabric is, though still somewhat itchy, not at all as irritating as most other repros on the market today. A common misconception, when it comes to UK WWII gear, is "the itchier/rougher, the more authentic". This is, at least not in my experience, the case w. the originals I have handled.

A lot of reviews here advice one to go down a size for this shirt. I did not do that (due to prior experience w. WPG sizes) - and I am glad I didn't. The shirt fits me perfectly in my "normal" size.

Pedersen - DK
adjutant (2013-09-06)
Great shirt! I am very satisfied with the purchase. Good fit and I would recommend to anyone!

norvell - US
Mr (2013-06-23)
Good quality , at a reasonable price

saunders - GB
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirt (2013-06-03)
Excellent as always.

Michael - RU
UK collarless shirt (2013-04-14)
Excellent qaulity

McKechnie - US
British Collarless Shirt (2013-02-24)
This shirt is the closest to an original that i have come across! FANTASTIC.
I note that several others have ordered a size smaller.
I, on the other hand ordered MY proper size, and i am very pleased that i did, you need room to move after all!
Bear in mind that these shirts weren''t fitted as modern clothes are today, go for one in your size, i''m glad i did!
Excellent reproduction of the material, top quality finnish too.

Chris. - GB
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2013-02-17)
Excellent shirt, comfortable and warm.

Michael - Russian Federation
Collarless Issue Shirt (2012-12-31)
As others have noted this shirt runs about one size large. However, if you were to launder it as soldier's invariably did (boiling in water and line drying) it will likely shrink. That's not a recommendation that anyone should follow. As to the quality of the shirt it is top notch material and craftsmanship.

Rob Westbrook - US
shirt (2012-11-01)
It was itchy, so I know it was very very close to the real thing.

Stewart - CA
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2012-10-25)
Great fit. Fast shipping! Always Great!

Carney - US
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2012-07-05)
I love this shirt! I got a size BIGGER than my normal size, which Im glad I did, I like my shirts roomy. Itchy as, but perfect repro!

Henley - AU
Wool undershirt (2012-06-15)
Great shirt! One size smaller was right on. Cannot wait for it to get cold!

Reitmeyer - US
Fully Satisfied (2012-03-25)
Very pleasing quality of flannel, excellent for me. I decisively agree about advices to choose a size smaller: I did it & I would had ordered two sizes smaller if I''d knew how roomy are the sleeves, but in this case one must consider that while chest & sleeves are rather abundant, shoulders & neck are more faithful to the size given. Being a 44" chest with 18" shoulders, I''d have chosen even a 40" since it''s so roomy, but if You have a good shoulders frame, don''t exaggerate in downsizing.
About the roomy thing, I think it sticks to historical accuracy, one just have to look at period photographs. A first class product, which can be improved with original buttons. Excellent.

Lazzaro - Italy
collarless shirts (2012-02-26)
ordered two of these,ended up ordering two more!this is my favorite!wear one to work every day.I wear size 42 and ordered size 40 and it fits perfect. long tail stays tucked in your pants.

jarzyna - US
Shirt (2012-02-13)
A bit awkward size, bud overall excellent look. Itchy, keeping the soldier in permanent state of slight irritation.

Vanovcan - SK
Shirt No38 (2012-02-07)
I wear usually size 40, but size 38 is still rather big, sleeves a bit long but overall ok. A bit itchy, keeping the soldier in a permanent state of anger. Everything as should be :)

JV - Slovakia
Perfect (2012-01-19)
Outstanding quality, look, and feel. Am about to purchase another.

Hathcock - US
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2012-01-15)
Excellent quality reproduction

Very nice! (2011-12-13)
Looks just like the originals I have seen. I wear a 46, ordered a 44. The 44 is very roomy for me, so a size smaller is very good advice. Just a superb shirt!!

Ray - US
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2011-11-16)
always perfect, nice quality

eric - FR
UK Collarless Khaki Shirt (2011-06-17)
Very percfect ordered correct size should replace buttons

Andersson - SE
Greayt Job WPG!!! (2011-04-29)
Just got my collarless shirt today. That was very fast! Great look and fit. Glad I checked out the reviews and under the advice of others, I went with a size smaller. Another job well done Jerry.

Ron Bergeron - Welland, ON, CAN
Shirt (2011-04-25)
very nice, could not believe how quick my order was shipped, received within 3 days only.

black - CA
collarless shirt (2011-04-14)
Super nice, quick service

Gavel - CA
Jim (2011-04-08)
Really nice shirt! Great quality!

Custeau - US
Great shirt! (2011-03-08)
Great shirt with perfect fit. Many thanks!

Bengtsson - SE
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