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Very quick (2018-09-18)
Item was better than expected given that they are a cheaper version. all good

Lean - AU
Fast delivery (2017-12-06)
As expected no issues with product.

Humphrey - US
Awesome Item, not so thrilled with DHL (2016-09-09)
Arrived in perfect condition, a great addition to my collection. Too bad DHL ignored my delivery change request & delivered while I was away on vacation. Thankfully my cat sitter found it before anyone else.

Trimmer - US
mr (2015-09-29)
Berets are great, wish the cap badge were the one with two pin holes though, too easy to loose this one.

baker - US
WW2 beret (2014-10-31)
Had to tighten it with the cord, then fits ok. No wet shaping necessary, just put it on and pull the right side down. Repro badge ok. 5/5

Juraj - Slovakia
exelent! (2014-05-31)
UK Para Beret (Package)
in an exelent condition!! thanx!!

Nasioulas - GR
head gear (2014-01-02)
Excelent Quality and service...i was treated as a VIP from start to end of my order...i Bought the Beret and wings as a gift for my good Buddy...he was very pleased with the fit and fine quality of the item...

gonzales - US
WWII British Para Beret (2013-12-22)
Great item. Fast international shipping. I am impressed.

de Moraes - US
very good (2013-09-16)
Wonderful Beret, and very nice parachute badge as-well.

Edge - US
UK Para Beret (Package (2011-12-06)
great item, good quality repro

casariego - ES
UK Paratrooper Beret (2011-08-15)
I was thrilled to receive it in time for my nephew's birthday and he was thrilled with the beret - thank you!

McDowell - CA
received my first order (2011-07-24)
very good, l'll place a new order very soon

gralak - FR
Brit Para Beret w/ Insignia (2011-07-07)
Great item. Fast international shipping. Mr. Lee worked with me to resolve a problem that was a result of a mistake I made. Great customer service. I'll be placing another order soon.

Capasso - US
Para Beret (2011-06-14)
Very nicely made. A size smaller thaI should have ordered but that's my fault.

Panhuise - US
para beret deal (2011-04-15)
Good quality repo beret and lovely badge. Every new paratrooper should get it!

Shaw - US
Quality and fast! (2011-04-07)
Great quality beret, outstanding fit (7 1/2 was spot-on 7 1/2) and fine materials.
And the shipping speed is fantastic.

Pelikan - US
lightning fast shipping! (2011-03-31)
My beret fit perfectly and the badge for it is spot on! I clicked my mouse and the package was at my door, okay, maybe not that fast, but the shipping was fast and the items arrived in perfect condition.

Aust - US
UK Para Beret (Package (2010-10-16)
Got this in the mail and wondered if it was going to fit; well it fit perfectly and as a package deal the price was right!! If you need a beret WPG has what you want! Thanks, WPG you guys are the world's foremost online store for all the British and American items a person, collector or reenactor could need and Shipping is SUPER FAST!!!!

DiMaio - US
beret para (2010-08-09)
very good and its now sitting on head damp as i write this it fits perfect just to the point i told friends about it thanks once again for your service which is customer helpful

allen - FR
UK Para Beret (package) (2010-05-27)
Wow....would have bought my US Military Beret from this source if I had know about it...

Stanley - US
UK Para Beret (Package) (2010-05-13)
Great item, but the marking is not fixet on the beret.

Vriezen - NL
para beret (2010-02-17)
like it!! i am writing this with the beret soaked sitting on my head to mould it into shape!!

moore - GB
Awsome (2007-01-08)
Great item, color and size are spot on!

Mike - Michigan