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Good delivery time! (2019-06-29)
Well made and on track. Would have wanted them a bit longer in length but they will do just fine!

Puttees and US WWI pants (2019-05-16)
Everything is quality work and materials, very happy thank you.

Johnson - US
Great (2019-05-14)
Very nice looking. Just have to find out how to wrap them!

Clifford - CA
Excellent (2019-04-16)
uniform is great. As always fast delivery

McGaughan - US
Good items (2018-12-27)
Great items for my cosplay, take a huge time to learn how to put on, but they are needed to finish the outfit

Burke - US
Nice (2018-11-06)
Arrived as promised

Ward - US
Nice service (2018-10-16)
Happy with the way they look, nice quality.

Peavey - US
Look very authentic (2018-08-31)
Purchased for the purpose of adding realism to junior high classroom studies when we cover World War 1.

Radford - US
Great products (2018-06-15)
I ordered 3 pairs of ww1 british puttees for a play. They arrived promptly. They look great, just right. Really pleased.

Todd - UK
1st order (2018-06-13)
Looks great can't wait to get into uniform for an event.

Bryant, S - US
velly nice (2018-05-23)
Really good and accurate puttees for Brit or US WWI. (I can finally replace my original Fox puttees for reenacting!) A great company, great service, fast shipping. Thanks for another great product!

Steve - USA
long puttees (2018-04-16)
very good like them

Weaver - UK
Fast shipping great item (2018-04-06)
These are very close to an original pair I have in my collection. Very happy!!!

stubbins - US
Super (2017-09-09)
Yes we are very happy with the item. Thank you!

Pearce - CA
Accurate product and quick shipping (2017-07-30)
As others before me have mentioned this is a very accurate reproduction of First World War British/Canadian puttees made of high quality materials. I would have rated it a 4.5 if it had been an option as my only concern was that the cotton tapes seemed to be thicker than on original puttees I have seen and held. However, this does not detract from what is otherwise a very close copy.

I have bought a pair of reproduction WWII British wool gloves from WPG in the past and was pleased with the accuracy of the materials. After having bought these puttees, I look forward to purchasing other items from this store.

The shipping was also very fast!

Alex - BC/Canada
Great (2017-06-20)
Thanks for a nice product

Land - CA
very fast fast shipping (2017-06-16)
i'm in canada and i got the puttees the same week i ordered

Kowalchuk - CA
fast delivery (2017-06-07)
I loved the putties

Garcia - US
very nice (2017-05-30)
very nice but the "Veterans" of my reenacting group said they were a little short when they wereteaching me how to wrap them.

Lance Brown - US
Item and service as expected. (2017-04-14)
The only hiccup was when the delivery person left them at my door, rather than contacting me.

MacLachlan - CA
Incredibly fast delivery (2017-02-18)
A very high quality product, I'll be looking forward to taking these to the trenches

Obrien - CA
Good Product (2016-12-12)
As always, reliably fast delivery and quality product.

Dalton - US
Good (2016-11-07)
Bought another two pairs for loaner gear. Great deal.

Shaw - US
Fast Delivery (2016-09-08)
Very goog comunication and prompt shipping. Will buy again.

Smirnov - EE
Most excellent (2016-09-04)
Nice item, as described, and fast delivery.

Crow - US
Super (2016-08-22)
Items received last week, all good many thanks

Stenner - UK
Great item (2016-07-27)
Very nicely made, the price was very reasonable, and shipping was very fast.

Anderson  - US
good product (2016-06-14)
good product well made

Inscoe - US
fast delivering (2016-04-26)
Very well made, good looking, good price.very much recomended.

Sieben - NL
super (2016-04-20)
super good

trudeau - CA
amazing (2016-04-14)
very fast everytings are good size and the parcels arrived before your prediction

trudeau - CA
super (2016-04-14)
very fast everyting are good size and the parcels arrived before your prediction

yves trudeau

trudeau - CA
UK long puttees (2015-12-30)
They are high quality and I am sure they will survive many more trips to the trenches. Very happy with these.

Brent - Ohio, USA
Puttees (2015-12-30)
Dont stretch like originals but look ok in display

mccabe - GB
Great general purpose puttees (2015-08-18)
They're brownish, wool and long. They work perfectly for my Red Army impression. Heartily recommended

Lunger - USA
Fast and accurate (2015-07-05)
We were very happy with the fast shipping of their items. Thank

Meyer - CA
Mrs (2015-04-21)
Great service and quick delivery

Climo - NZ
Puttees (2015-04-15)
Good description, communication, fast, happy.

Baldwin - UK
wool puttees (2015-04-05)
Other than the unfinished edges that get a few loose threads, these are made of very nice quality wool and fit very well. My great granddad used the ones he had as a doughboy back at home during snowy winters.

Ellis - VA
Just what I needed (2015-03-18)
2nd pair I've bought from WPG. Nice and will go great with my doughboy impression

Nappi - US
Mark (2015-01-20)
They may be a pain to put on but they look the dog's wotsits :-)

Godwin - NZ
Well made! (2014-12-27)
Well made and good color.

J Nelson - Portland, OR
What I needed (2014-12-21)
Was looking for a better pair of leg wraps for my doughboy impression

Nappi - US
solid (2014-12-15)
very happy with the purchase and the thickness and length will ensure they don't fail quickly.

bunnett - AU
UK Long Puttees (2014-12-10)
Muy buena calidad muy buen precio. Perfecto el engranaje envío/devolución

casariego - ES
Great Putees (2014-10-30)
Great quality and superfast on the ship! Continues to be my go-to purveyor.

Little - US
British puttees (2014-10-02)
Nicely done.

Ryder - US
Ripper (2014-07-07)
Carefully made article shipped promptly in appropriate packaging.

UK Long Puttees (2014-06-24)
I bought these because I was so impressed with the quality and price of WPG's WWI reproduction Scottish tunic. I have to say I am very pleased with my whole experience. Thanks.

Fairless - US
They fit, very good item.

Godfrey - US
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