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Super (2021-09-21)
Very well made tunic, very fast delivery and as always. Im very satisfied with the transaction five star service .

Bergeron - CA
Great Turnaround - super item (2021-03-15)
A good steam press, and I changed the buttons for mint originals: It looks like direct from the QM's G1098 clothing store. The fit is great, nice and close like the originals, I almost went a size down to get that but needn't.

Cut away jacket (2020-12-10)
Great item to have in the collection.

Booth - CA
Excellent service (2020-07-21)
This is not my first purchase with WPG and this was another excellent experience and products are always as represented.

Neuman - US
Works Well (2020-02-15)
Tunic fit as to the stated size. Looks to be of great quality

Ammon - US
No one else sales this good of procuct, no one (2020-02-14)
WPG, dam, great stuff, it is so good I buy two of everything when I buy, afraid I will not be able to get it again, I bought two of the cutaways, great tunics, the best I have seen, defantly recommend

Kilpatrick - US
Amazed, Super, fast delivery (2020-02-14)
WPG, dam, great stuff, it is so good I buy two of everything when I buy, afraid I will not be able to get it again, I bought two of the cutaways, great tunics, two Tam'o Shanters, two USMC P-40 sets, they are so good, when I washed and dried a couple of times, you can not tell them from my originals. If you see something you like, trust me, buy it, there great and fast shipping

Kilpatrick - US
Very fast delivery (2019-11-18)
The jacket is perfect. Size, color, style. Almost identical to the original I have. Delivery was very fast and efficient. As always Jerry more than delivers. He's the best. Good on ya Mate.

Simmons - US
Another excellent item from WPG (2019-10-13)
My 1902 Scottish SD jacket arrived after 4 days of post notification. It fits a treat and is spot on in looks and cut, another great addition to my highland rig! This is the fourth bit of kit I’ve purchased from WPG, highly recommended.

Pitchford - UK
Very fast delivery! (2019-06-06)
I was amazed at the fit of the tunic. As if it was tailored for me.

Drysdale - CA
Tunic (2019-02-21)
High quality product, well priced, fast delivery.

Sharp - US
Super (2018-09-17)
Jacket was perfect fit!

Great Service (2018-06-14)
Just what I expected.

Gillich - US
Very fast delivery! (2018-03-20)
I am very pleased with the Scottish tunic I ordered from WPG! Fits well, and looks great! Well made and authentic. One of my mates immediately ordered one. Thank you for the great service!

Hunter - US
Fits great! (2018-03-13)
Really impressed with this product, as I was with all of the items I received - and it arrived so quickly! I ordered the jacket in my standard suit size and it fits well on all dimensions, even over the kilt. Now, excuse me, I have some badges and patches to affix.

Henry - Canada
Super item and very fast delivey (2016-06-07)
great item and also fitted with the right buttons.
highly recommended to other collectors etc.

Wassenaar - NL
1902 Service Dress Tunic (2016-06-01)
received the jacket today, it is great ! good quality and fits well.
Nice job done !

Tjitte - Netherlands
Quality tunic, great price (2015-11-09)
The color of the tunic was a little light when I got it. After shaving the wool it darkened up nicely, closer to my original. I recommend getting a larger size than you need and getting this tailored to fit.

Richardson - US
Scottish 1902 cutaway tunic. (2015-08-03)
Very good quality heavy wool.Thank you.

Ryan - US
Scottish 1902 Pattern Cutaway Service Dress Tunics (2014-10-22)
Tunic is cut exactly right to chest measurement. Good quality, fit, and super fast shipping.

Aaron - US
pascal (2014-05-12)
Quick sends neat, the jacket is good quality, I would recommend. pascal

m (2014-02-12)
Great item and great price look very good ...

M Curr - GB
Cut away tunic (2014-01-24)
Very nice tunic, nicely made and solid construction. I ordered a size too large and is still a little tight for all that. I'll order two sizes larger next time.

Robert D - AU
scottish 1902 pattern cutaway service dress tunic (2013-12-02)
super bien rien à dire comme toujours piperluce

luce - FR
Great (2013-10-26)
Great item and looks great on my display. Very fast delivery and as always Im very satisfied with the transaction.

Robinson - AU
WW1 Tunic (2013-03-06)
Thanks, great garment.

MacLean - GB
Scottish Tunic (2013-02-12)
I recieved my tunic and it was a bit small and the return and exchange was incredible. They were so fast and helpful. I really like the tunic. My grandfather was 16th Cdn Scottish in WWI, and I putting together his uniform and i''m very pleased with the tunic. Thanks again.

Ken - Oregon USA
Very pleased (2012-11-21)
I am very pleased with this tunic. I can't even come up with any constructive criticism for future production runs.

Chris - US
Scottish 1902 Pattern Cutaway Service Dress Tunics (2012-05-16)
at first when ordering was a bit uncertain about size, until I received this,but fits perfectly, really very, very good reproduction. Tried it on and felt so familiar in it,like I had always worn this jacket; really nice fit and very comfortable 100% wool material!

van - NL
Tunic (2012-03-28)
Great looking repro. I love every aspect of it

Fortin - CA
Very nice !!! (2012-02-19)
Very nice tunic, the wool is magnificent, the cut is splendid !!! Just have to find Gordon Highlanders brass large buttons now !!!

Nicolas - FR
tunic (2011-08-24)
Very good quality and fast shipping

Pauwels - NL
battle dress 1906 (2011-05-29)
good tunic i need

jumeau - FR
Superb Tunic!!!! (2011-05-04)
I can't believe how good this tunic is. It is exactly like the one my grandfather wore when he was a Piper in the Seaforth Highlanders during WW1. It fits like a glove a was delivered to me in the Highlands of Scotland in 6 days. Superb service again.Many thanks!

MacAngus - GB
Scottish Bagpiper (2011-02-16)
great service very fast delivery and the tunic fit like a glove. looks like the WW1 tunic my great-uncle wore while in the Black Watch.

Hutchison - CA
I always leave honest feedback so after reading please look at the feedback forum and the feedback I left for Schipperfabrik.

WPG thank you I can't believe that it only took 3 days to get to me in the UK.
The tunic is spot on and a perfect fit. I will use you again. Thank you

Brown - GB
Scottish SD Tunic (2011-01-11)
Very well made tunic! Size is right on. Will be proud to wear! Super fast shipping from the UAE to Baltimore MD!!! Thanks

Adam - MD U.S.A.
Scottish 1902 Pattern Cutaway Service Dress Tunics (2010-12-17)
Fast delivery.Good quality

Dyokin - CY
Mr (2010-11-08)
Nice tunic well made,quick shipping wish there was less of me.but fits nice

cotiguala - US
Scottish 1902 Pattern Cutaway Service Dress Tunics (2010-10-05)
Excellent service on-line and super fast delivery from UAE. Tunic is first class. Good fit and authentic look & feel If only WPG offered repro WW1 Highland gaiters / spats, my joy would be complete!

Galley - GB
Highland Cut Service Dress Jacket (2010-08-26)
Very well made jacket that was exactly the size I ordered. No tailoring required.

Harding - US
SD Tunic (2010-06-15)
Excellent quality. Fits me treat. Thanks for this fine item!

Potter - US
Scottish 1902 Pattern Cutaway Service Dress Tunics (2010-02-13)
Perfectly satisfactory tunic,shipped very quickly. Many thanks

Greenshields - GB
SD cutaway jacket (2009-09-08)
Very nice tunic authentic looking,Well made garment and shipped very quickly,excellent service. A1++++ Thanks.

Borrow - GB
Scottish 1902 Pattern Cutaway Service Dress Tunics (2009-09-03)
Great tunic, excellent quality, thanks.

Kirchmayr - AT
Scottish 1902 Pattern Cutaway Service Dress Tunics (2009-05-07)
Another great item from Jerry. Well made, hardwaring, and a quality garment. Reasonably priced and quick shipping. Couldn't ask for more !

Cutaway Tunic (2008-09-03)
Very nice tunic, looks autentic and well made. And shipped quickly. Thanks

Hicks - US
Scottish Cutaway jacket (2008-06-15)
Well made garment-haven''t had to repair anything on jacket-still fits well-stands up to hand washing very well after wearing a half dozen times this year. Top notch!

Johnnie - Gambrills MD USA