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Fast delivery and accurate (2020-08-31)
Great addition for the series E or EE binoculars Well crafted and made!

Simmons - US
A++++ (2020-03-07)
Very accurate, amazing leather quality, and perfect EE binocular fit.

Santiago - US
Fits like a glove: (2019-12-27)
This case is perfect. It fits its intended binoculars perfectly. The leather is top quality.

Rick - Washington, USA
binocular case (2019-05-26)
great item super fast delivery

Clark - US
iRCommanding Officer, C/505th, Frank Cachia (2017-09-06)
Well done! Easy to order, shipped and arrived as specified. Will order again.

Cachia - US
Well made leather pouch - lousy compass (2017-05-09)
The pouch is beautiful and my original binoculars fit perfectly. Overall, I'm well pleased with the quality of the leather-work. Only downside is the compass in the top doesn't work. Okay for looks, but doesn't even move much - whether screwed down or not.

Callaham - US
Very fast delivery, great experience (2016-05-31)
Overall the quality was outstanding. Only issue I had was with the metal closure on the retainer strap on the front of the case, it was very loose, but with some pliers I crimped it back in place. I have received many compliments as this is a hard item to find in serviceable condition. Great item for reenactments.

Hastings - US
US Type EE Binocular Case (2015-10-26)
Well done WPG! Another winner. My original pair of binos fit perfectly, and the quality of the case is first class.

Tate - UK