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Fast Delivery- Good Quality (2021-03-02)
I placed an order for this product and received it very quickly.
I was really impressed with the quality of construction and softness of the leather.

Baldwin - US
As always, Jerry's products never disappoint - the ammo pouch is a case in point. (2019-04-02)
As a Chaplain I do not carry a sidearm but having seen several examples it fills my need of someplace to carry ID,small change and bills.Color and quality are everything I expect when ordering from Jerry.

Dabney - US
U.K. Sam Browne Ammo Pouch (2014-04-08)
Great product. Affordable and well made. Matches exactly with the real Sam Browne belt I have.

White - CA
as good a quality as the original

Borg - AU
Sam Browne pouch (2012-06-07)
A nice pouch, sewing and closure are sturdy. The leather of the front, back and closure is very thick, the parts on the side are of a much thinner leather about which I have my doubts, but we''ll see. The belt loop is a tick too tight, but will hopefully stretch. Gets a good shine with saddle polish. Thank you for the extra-quick delivery!

Phillip - GB
Sam Browne Pouch (2012-03-29)
Great little item looks good when polished

wilson - AU
Ammo Pouch (2012-03-29)
Nice item,terrific price. Nice to have the right pouch for my period Sam Browne. Thanks very much WPG.

Autie - BC Canada
As satisfied as can be (2012-01-10)
Great quality!

Richter - NL
Sam Browne Belt Ammo Pouch (2011-01-29)
The ammo pouch itself is well made and very useful. One thing not noted in the product description is the expansion of the pouch. The hard leather sides are connected by a soft leather liner. In effect, when loaded and and clipped closed is has the look of a triangle from the profile. I am very happy with this purchase. Shipping was very fast by any standard, and customer service was EXCEPTIONAL. Thank you WPG!

Wolters - US
Ammo pouch (2011-01-18)
Needs a little wear and tare added with a fine sandpaper so it blends better with my vintage belt, but thats easely fixed. Good quality att low price.

Wallin - SE
Sam Browne Ammo Pouch (2010-03-03)
Nice product, best price among available repro items, incredibly fast turn-around. I am a satisfied repeat customer.

Miller - US
Ammo Pouch (2010-02-25)
Great product for the price. Super fast shipping. Will order from again.

McCleaf - US
Pouch (2010-01-18)


Walsh - IE
Pouch (2010-01-15)
Excellent Product.

Lindley - Ireland
sam browne ammo pouch (2009-11-16)
nice item and well made.damn fast delivery and very professional service

carter - IE
Very good (2008-08-18)
Nicely made, very strong.

John - NJ/USA