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Fast (2017-09-03)
Very much satisfied with my purchases. Will continue to shop here

Romero - US
Great customer care and fast delivery (2017-05-07)
When I ordered a shirt in the wrong size, WPG helped me find the right size and made the exchange a fast and painless process. WPG was recommended to me and I will do the same in recommending it to others.

Hopkins - US
Fast delivery, Great fit (2016-06-22)
Socks were just as advertised, very breathable, lightweight, good in summer. The elastic stretches and they fall down a bit, but after washing it tightens up again.

Batt - US
Mr (2014-07-23)
Good and solid socks. Being on travel with, at different moments, quite cold weather, came very handy. Excellent folluw-up of delivery of ordered goods, in spite of different billing and delivery addresses

Vandersloten - BE
Khaki Socks (2013-09-26)
Not quite the color khaki I was expecting...more pea green than khaki

Spurlock - US
Mr (2013-06-28)
very good quality items and fast delivery, thank you again.

Tromans - GB
US NEW! Khaki Socks (2012-08-12)
Very good quality with a good price, think you very much.

Joly - FR
socks (2012-07-16)
nice repros

huss - US
Great items. (2012-05-15)
I ordered the socks together with a pair of shoes, a shirt and a US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic. Unfortunately the tunic was too large. I've send it back for an exchange. I expect there will be no problem. The other 3 items really are what I was looking for.
I'll participate next july as a reennactor at the Duxford Flying Legends show and I'm sure I will look great in these items.

Piras - BE
Khaki Socks (2012-01-10)
Very nice item and very reasonably priced. Fits great.

Gonzales - US
rah (2011-08-22)
Nice job!

Hassan - US
socks (2011-05-02)
OK, but not what I expected.

Al - ES
Socks (2011-02-28)
I got three pairs of these. Great price, great quality, great item. Fills out the foot locker nicely. Thanks.

devers - US
Definitely GI (2011-02-13)
I think these are simply perfect. I own USQMD originals, factory sealed, which are officer's dress shoes type so they are thinner than these, I can say the color matches perfectly.
Identical to the ones issued when I was in the italian mountain troops (which were OD light green shade), specially for the weave consistence & wearability. Terrible to wear with standard issue boots, they make a mess inside Corcorans style boots, that's simply all You can expect.
In other words, Excellent (I'm gladly wearing them right now with low ankle boots)

Ricciardi - IT
Socks (2010-04-24)
Fast shipping, good socks, thank you!

JN Becht - DE
khaki socks (2010-04-15)
look nice and fit great.

Schober - US
Very High Quality (2010-03-06)
These socks look great. They match the originals I have had for years.

Weill - US
socks (2010-01-14)
exactly as expected - shipped super fast!

Irwin - US
US Khaki Socks (2009-10-31)
These socks look great. They match the originals I own.

Irving - US
Khaki socks (2009-10-19)
nice item.good quality

Mattioli - IT
US NEW! Khaki Socks (2009-06-23)
Another Wpg item, i just say it's very good like all the wpg gear.

Thibaut - FR
US NEW! Khaki Socks (2009-02-07)
Outstanding! my feet thank you! NOW DROP AND GIVE ME 20!

Stewart - US
Socks (2008-09-08)
Great, except I had to send back one package as you sent me two packages !

Rolls - US
Good stuff (2007-11-02)
Package with Item (gloves, sock, strips) arrived today. As ever is allright and items are outstanding. Thanks a lot, hope to deal again. Have a nice day.

LUBOS KORANDA - Czech Republic