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Good Job (2016-09-21)
Delivery & ordering very good

Megargle - US
Nice condition (2016-03-18)
Great condition and cut fairly straight!

parachute scarf and felt shoulder pads (2015-03-13)
Once again amazing service and product thank you Jerry will order more stuff in the future

Todd - Wa. U.S.A
US airborne scarf (2014-11-25)
excellent piece to add to my airborne impression

McMurtrie - AU
Mr. (2014-11-21)
Arrived just in time and very pleased with the product.

Thank you

Holland - US
US Airborne Camouflage scarf (2013-11-01)
a really nice piece of parachute, I´m really glad

german - ES
needs some period silk (2013-08-08)
I read some soldiers sewed parachute remnants into the collars of the wool shirt to lessen irritations. This is just what I was looking for. Although it looks like it was cut with a dull axe.

Blake - US
Para Scarf (2013-08-02)
Perfect just what i was after to complete my 8th Airborne Manniquin!

Mellross - AU
Very nice (2013-01-03)
Larger than expected, very nice. Fast shipping. Makes a nice helmet cover

Browning - US
Scarf (2012-11-28)
Great value and superb attention to customer service. A devoted customer

US Airborne Camouflage scarf (2012-10-13)
very rare product

Hao - CN
Mr (2012-07-26)
A must have for anyone who gears up for D - Day.

Mclean - CA
In good shape (2012-06-17)
Matches the original fairly well. Thanks!

Robison - US
Scarf (2012-05-05)
Great piece of airborne kit

daly - US
Paca camo strip (2012-04-29)
Very nice strip!

Cruz - ES
Perfect! (2011-08-28)
I had been looking for one for a long time and I came across the site and after searching under "Paratrooper Items" I found what I was looking for! Looks better than in the pictures. Great for any re-enactor.

Jacob - Mississippi
Scarf (2011-08-11)
Nice long strip, it is very nice.

Paratrooper silk (2011-04-17)
fast shipping, good price, and still has that oil smell from being around guns. large in size.

Lewis - US
AIRBORNE! (2011-03-17)
Mine came quickly and was cut like a scarf in a long strip, not bandana style in a square :) Bully!

Supancic - US
Perfect! (2011-03-08)
Perfect item and quick delivery.

Bengtsson - SE
Great product (2010-07-12)
great communication fast delivery

Leon - AU
US Airborne Camouflage scarf (2010-07-01)
fast shipping, good quality. every time again!

Lysser - CH
US Camo Scarf (2010-05-07)
Very nice material. Great price.

Panacy - US
re-enactor (2010-01-20)
Original silk and larger then I expected, very nice.

Schuettpelz - US
Perfect (2010-01-07)
Original Silk, just perfect

Chris - NZ
4 (2010-01-01)
This was good but I would have preferred a lengthwise cut of fabric for a scarf instead of the bandana cut.

Cervone - US
Airborne Camouflage scarf (2009-12-17)
Not sure how well I can rate this one,,,,It's a piece of a parachute, but that's what it's supposed to be! Looks great!

Winder - US
Mr (2009-09-29)
This is a very nice little addition to my airborne uniform, great quality, and fast shipping.

Toohey - AU
Good (2009-09-16)
Very good quality, very fast shipping! Much thanks from Russia!

DJ-Glock - RU
Good looking (2009-07-06)
Good looking peace of WWII parachute.

Landin - SE
Airborne camo scarf (2009-06-11)
This is a very nice little addition to my airborne uniform, definitely will be wearing it alot. looks great!

Gerba - US
Great item, once again (2009-05-14)
When I recieved my scarf, the first thing I noticed, was the smell of engineoil. It has a very nice feel and look to it, and something I''m going to use, for a long time.

Michael - Denmark
US Airborne Camouflage scarf (2008-10-06)
Great product great communication fast delivery

Johnston - UK