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the fact that the item arrived always surprises me (2020-04-14)
I can't fault the item it's a quality good buy on my part
as for the pair that I had in the late 70's straight from
the UK did have rear pockets , but again I'm very
satisfied with my purchase on every point

Rivera - US
Best Ghurka Shorts on the Planet! (2020-04-12)
I've looked long and hard for year to find authentic Ghurka shorts. I'm British and I know the 'real deal' from the wannabes - and WPG's are authentic in every detail. The fabric is heavy and robust, the colour is perfect, construction is accurate, and the workmanship is first-rate. I love that they're baggy and long - just the way they were 'back in the day,' and they're perfect for hiking, long walks, or lazing around the home on hot days. I'm 6' 3" tall, and the size 36 model is 'just right' in that they're nice a baggy for air circulation, and the hem falls just to the middle of the knee so that when seated my underwear doesn't show. I purchased three, and will order another three as 'spares.' Thank you WPG for an outstanding product at a fair and affordable price. I should note, too, the delivery service to my home in Utah was speedy. Fantastic product and service!

McFarland - US
Pretty good (2020-03-14)
I’d love back pockets. And is the material a cotton blend? Would like a 100% cotton, softer cloth and a lighter neutral color. Nice fit, look sharp!

Modder-Kelley - US
UK Gurkha shorts (2020-02-18)
I like the shorts. They are just a little baggy but I like them that way. The construction is very sturdy and should last a very long time.

barley - US
Gurkha Shorts (2020-01-14)
Excelent color and pattern.

Emidio Britto - Brasil
Excellent (2019-11-05)
Great shorts. Strong Quality, Great Shipping and Customer service

mal - AU
Great Quality (2019-08-14)
All round great product and service

Baker - US
Amazed (2019-07-31)
yes i really appreciated you service and i am really satisfied

chisena - IT
Gurkha Shorts. (2019-05-14)
Sadly I was sent the wrong pattern shorts, so I can't review the product I did not receive.

I would re-order however not sure I'm going to get what I ordered.
The shirt I ordered was the right one however and was good quality.


Great product (2019-04-02)
Product quality is high. Fast delivery!

Thank you

Queens NY - US
Good quality and very fast delivery (2019-02-04)
I was impressed with the online service, update emails and tracking of the shipment, as I did not expect that. Very good quality material, though and durable.

Hendrik - US
Very Nice Job. Fast Delivery and item arrives as described!! (2019-01-22)
Keep up the good work, it is a pleasure doing business with a company that values prompt service along with reasonable prices, for hard to find items. Thanks Much.

Watson - US
Lightspeed Shipping (2018-12-31)
Very pleased. Quality appears to be better than hoped for. Lightspeed delivery. I was both impressed and amazed at how quickly this item arrived from so distant an origin. Thank you! I look forward to our future business!

Whitaker - US
Excellent (2018-10-28)
They are great and like the originals. Thanks

Vickers-Smith - US
Perfect! (2018-09-12)
Excellent purchase. Recommended!

Bettella - IT
High Quality (2018-09-11)
The twill summer shorts fit great.
Fast shipping, thanks.

Superior (2018-08-20)
First quality product and responsive return/replacement service. Will use again, small business that should grow given superior qualities. Thank you.

Johnson - US
Prompt delivery & good product (2018-08-14)
Very happy with these well made shorts. Not as heavy duty as an original pair I have but still robust enough. Sizing exactly as described. Very happy.

Wigney - US
Ghurki Short (2018-08-06)
Incredibly fast shipping and great customer service. I ordered the wrong size and they immediately took care of the issue.

Hegemann - US
Nice product - fast delivery (2018-08-06)
I like these shorts. I may have my tailor move the sie buckles fwd on the shorts a bit - as others have mentioned.

I had two pair from Banana Republic in 1987. Those had (and I recommend you consider adding) metal grommets on the side belts.

Standring - US
Great Shorts (2018-08-05)
Excellent quality and fit and authentic looks. I'm wearing these shorts almost all the time in summer and should order more.

Pohlers - US
Love them (2018-07-27)
These are perfect for hot weather. I roll them up a little as they are very long. Sizing is perfect for me - measure above your hips as they sit very high. I love the look and the wide leg is very cool. I've washed them a few times now and haven't seen any shrinkage or had any issues with the quality.

Andy - Canada
Quick Delivery, good material but not quite. (2018-07-04)
I have another pair of Ghurks shorts I bought several years ago and the buttons are metal and the buckles are stamped and the cut is appropriately generous. The new ones are probably better cloth but the buttons are plastic, the buckles are heavy squarish cast pieces and the fit (of the same waste size) is rather...trim? Still a good value but this run isn't quite as good.

Jemmison - US
Great shorts (2018-06-27)
Well made, fantastic fabric and color. I cannot assess if they live up to original Gurkha shorts as I have never seen them except on photos. They are true to size if you measure at the waist at the level of the navel. Rather baggy but old photos suggest that they were made that way. I wore them during holidays in Cuba and the roomy cut was perfect in the hot and humid climate. The huge side pockets provide plenty of room. As described in previous comments they are rather long but I rolled them up which works fine and looks good, too.

Alex - AT
Jolly good shorts (2018-06-17)
Super fast shipping shorts are perfect workmanship is first rate Jerry's products are and always have been first rate. Jolly good.

Palmer - US
Amazed (2018-05-15)
Exactly as advertised. Great quality, received it fast, no issues.
Would purchase again.

Abad - CA
Great product and fast service (2018-03-09)
The Gurkha shorts are awesome and arrived as advertised: sturdy fabric and, at least to an amateur eye, authentically cut. They are very 40's - high waist with pleats - so if worn as-is they might attract a few odd glances and comments. But weirdly they also look great that way. Legs can always be rolled up to wear them lower on the waist, or hemmed (otherwise they'll look like capris or baggy cargo shorts, which doesn't do them justice.) Overall sturdy, attractive, and my favorite kind of military clothing: authentic but easy to incorporate into a civilian wardrobe.

Lucky - US
Outstanding Ghurka Drill Shorts (2017-11-29)
Always a pleasure doing business with you. Shorts were here in 3 days and are extremely well constructed as my last pairs I bought from you years ago which I still wear. Love the new buckles on them. Your quality and customer service are second to none thank you so much!

Team Two - US
Super fast delivey (2017-11-02)
Excellent item! Great buy fast delivery.

Ling - CA
Great! (2017-09-03)
Love the shorts but agree with others about the buckle. At least the side buckles are easy to replace without sewing.

Parker - US
Fast Shipping, and Overall Very Good Product! (2017-08-28)
Shipping was extremely fast. Product has a very nice, beefy fabric that feels bullet proof.

Decent, if a bit think metal hardware.

The only flaw in the product, is that the last fly(1st from bottom) button hole was stitched, but not cut.

Overall, excellent fabric, decent hardware, but let down by their quality control.

This would have received a perfect/excellent rating if only they remembered to cut my fly button hole.

Chan - US
Fantastic! (2017-08-17)
Not since the "good old days" off early Banana Republic catalogues have I been able to get ahold of a proper pair of Gurkha shorts! Color me impressed with everything about this! The pants are excellent, and the service and shipping is unsurpassed!

Farrell - US
Very happy with purchase (2017-08-08)
I'm very happy with this purchase. I can see where there are complaints about the buckles, but high end buckles were not standard issue either. I love the fact that the pants are designed to be able to switch out the buckles so you can use what you want. So no complaints.

Ghurka Shorts & Pants (2017-07-24)
Fantastic! I have now ordered 2 shorts and 2 pants. All are fantastic including the two jackets. Your service was superb and you stay in contact making it easy to track.

I do have to return a few items because of size.

I will continue to order your products and most likely within a week.

Thank you & continued success! Michael Redmond Whelan

Whelan - US
Good construction, but odd sizing (2017-07-19)
The shorts were well made, no fraying threads and of a tough material. Like many reviewers said though, the buckles are flimsy and rough, and while I ordered my size, the shorts were too big. But worth the price overall. Fast shipping too.

Jethro - China
Fast Delivery; Great Shorts (2017-07-17)
Love them! Unlike some reviewers, I actually love the length of these Gurkhas. The fabric and craftsmanship are superb! Arrived in a flash! Thanks!

Ellis - US
Fast delivery (2017-07-17)
These are a very good quality and price. I spent $20 more from another vender and it was on sale and the quality wasn't close.

Hudgins - US
Good value (2017-07-10)
One of the side buckles broke a few days after I started wearing these, I am very pleased overall, but better buckles and metal grommets would be nice on the straps.

Kimmel - US
great shorts great price great service (2017-06-29)
these were great shorts great price great service

Watkins - US
Very Nice! (2017-05-31)
After a small glitch with payment, my Ghurkas arrived quickly and exactly as ordered. Thank You.

Williams - US
Awesome (2017-03-20)
Fit perfectly. Ordered two (each a different style), then ordered two more once I tried them on.

Sorrentino - US
Customer service and product quality (2017-03-13)
Excellent customer service and products! Highly recommended

soares - US
Fast delivery. Very high quality fabric and construction. Good fit to order. Comfortable shorts. (2017-01-24)
Good fit as well

Paton - US
Satisfied (2016-09-30)
The shipping was great. DHL seems to do a good job getting the product here on time of quicker. I was a little surprised at the length of the shorts. Their inseam was a lot longer than I expected but nothing some alterations couldn't take care of. A little confused on the sizing. I purchased a pair of 36 shorts and they fit fine, maybe a little large but they are adjustable. I bought a pair of the 36 waist trousers and they are almost too tight. So I purchased a pair of 38 waist and they are almost too large. I have to use almost the entire strap. Nothing major but just thought I would share. Otherwise I love the shorts and trousers. Love the style. I've been looking for some of these since I saw a friend with them years ago.

Correcting myself. (2016-08-22)
In a previous review, I had been critical regarding the eyelets on the short's lacking grommets. I hadn't noticed, until I wore them, that the eyelets have something even better: They have a reinforcement seem around the eyelets. In my experience, these are more durable than grommets and work very well to prevent threading. Now, if only the buckle straps were moved forward of the hip bone and they change the buckles on the shorts for the same ones they use on the Gurkha pants, I'll up my score to 4 1/2. If they start putting rear pockets on them, I'll gladly up it to 5!

Fl./USA - Miami
Spot on (2016-07-19)
They are just comfortable and very durable. They are true to the military specs. I've the JPeterman version, which is little more civilianized and cut down from the regulation pattern, and I like yours better. The fabric and detail is excellent. A note that one may want to get one size larger than their normal belt size, as the wide cummerbund belt goes around the middle of the waist, over the navel. The pant length is to military spec, to be rolled up over the knee, or down in the field. It's easily hemmed or cuffed. I just roll mine up.

Wilcoxon - US
Very good, very fast delivery. (2016-07-17)
Right off the bat, let me say I very much like my shorts.
But two things need work: the buckles, the buckles straps and the belt straps. The buckles are square and thin. They have no sharp edges, but I bet those thin edges and pointed corners can cause fraiying and damage after a while. My old Banana Republics gurkha shorts have buckles made of cylindrical metal, with blunt corners. I've already substituted the originals for these.
As to the buckle straps, these are located a bit too far back, almost behind the hip. Thank Heavens my flexibility is good. I had to twist my trunk quite a bit to fasten the buckle. They should reach the front of the waist bone, at least, to avoid the annoying twist. Regarding the other strap, the eyelets are cloth, unreinforced by grommets. Again, perhaps that's a nod to authenticity. But it can result in tears.
As many reviewers have stated, it's wise to order on or two sizes larger.
I like my shorts. But I won't buy another for a while, to see if these problems are corrected.

Gonzalez - US
Pleased (2016-07-11)
Good quality, and seems authentic. They are way too long,so they must be shortened. You might look into that, or size them so that someone could choose an inseam length.

Rairdon - US
Better and better (2016-06-28)
I was very pleased when I realized the buckles on the shorts have been upgraded since last I bought a pair. Now the Gurkha shorts are perfect. Thanks you!

Sandnes - NO
All but perfect... (2016-06-19)
Just add better buckles... and they'd be perfect!
5 out of 5 anyway...

miller  - US
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