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Fantastic Reproduction (2019-11-15)
Thick leather makes for a very super authentic looking 1909 holster. Is a very tight fit for a 1917 S&W pistol, but I would guess a brand new original would be also! Great job WPG.

Colby - US
Perfect Holster for Model 1909 New Service Colt (2019-10-22)
Quality leather makes this a great reproduction of the US Army holster for Model 1909 Colt New Service Revolver (45 Long Colt). Fits the 5 1/2 inch barreled revolver perfectly.

Orton - US
Great company!!! Very fast! (2018-10-17)
Great doing business with them!

Blevins - US
Good reproduction (2017-02-01)
Holster is a good reproduction, seems well made, found it to be a little tight and needed fitting. I would buy again.

Hoyt - US
M1909 Holster (2015-03-10)
Very well constructed. Great leather.

Zaricor - US
Super holster! (2013-05-10)
Dead-on reproduction, excellently made. Fit my Colt M1909 like a glove. Good job, guys!

Sean - Texas
Very Good BUT Could Be Better! (2011-12-28)
A side by side comparison of WPG''s M1909 holster and an original shows WPG has taken steps to produce an very good reproduction. The only problem is the holster is too small for the intended revolvers. When I first got the holster putting the revolver in it was like trying to put 10 pounds of stuff into a two pound bag. You need to "wet" the holster and stretch it so the revolver will fit the holster properly. With the techincal information on this holster out there (I got it you you want it) an EXACT M1909 holster CAN be made and should be made!

Colorado - Colorado Springs
M1909 Holster (2011-07-24)
An excellent holster! My M1917 S&W fits perfectly. The holster is well made of excellent materials.

Charlie - MA USA
None better (2010-11-20)
If you don''t have $300 laying around for a original in this condition, buy this! I was very pleased

Mike - USA
M1909 Colt Revolver Holster (2009-09-22)
This piece of equipment is the best! I have two other versions made by other reputable companies and this is absolutely the tops of all three!

Beck - CA USA
Great Reproduction! (2009-09-11)
Compares spot on with an original! Best reproduction of this holster out there.

Darrek - Iowa
1909 Holster (2009-08-30)
The holster is very well made and I am very happy with this purchase. A good oiling darkened the leather. Can't wait until my 1917 Colt arrives and finds a home in this fantastic holster. Thanks WPG!

Mark H. - US
M1909 Revolver Holster (2009-03-09)
Excellent! Quality, fit, material, workmanship all excellent, and the delivery very prompt. Can say no more.

Holford - IRELAND