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US M1903 Mills Web Equipment Suspenders (2019-06-22)
Took me a while to figure it out, but once I did I considered it to be a great addition to my Early 20th Century Army Gear.

Oxx - US
very nice repro (2017-12-21)
Excellent repro of this Mills belt.

Hagge - US
Finally available again (2017-10-12)
Great to see these are available again. Good quality, color and fit. I did have to adjust the hooks slightly for the belt eyelets. Took about a minute to open the hooks slightly. They look vintage mated with my original cartridge belt. The loom left a couple random imperfect threads in the webbing which I think look authentic to the period process.

Jeff - Wisconsin
amazed (2017-07-23)
increadable delivery to united kingdom in less than 3 full days !!! awesome product and company

freebury - UK
M1907 suspenders (2016-04-17)
Jerry you have gone and done it again1 Well done sir, they actually fit me. My original pair brings my ctg. belt nearly up under my arm pits.

Mick - Northern Arizona
"Prepare to MOUNT!" (2016-02-25)
Columbus, NM is celebrating the centennial of Pancho VILLA's Raid(9Mar1916), on 12Mar.
And, I just have to be there!
But, I needed to upgrade my web gear. My original gear, was frankly tired & frayed.
WPG, provided exactly what I needed! The M1903 Suspenders, M1909 Cartridge Belt and M1912 Bandoleer was PERFECT.
More important, Jerry LEE was FAST! Ordered on 10Feb., received it 17Feb! No lie!
Thanks, Jerry!
Another, "Happy Camper!".
(Psst! Seeya in Columbus, trooper!)
1Sgt.Cisco LOPEZ

LOPEZ, Cisco - Fontana, California
very nice (2015-02-20)
These are very nice. The webbing is amazing, the hardware is really close to original. I definitely recommend these.

Steve - US
1903 suspenders (2014-05-27)
Great suspenders - though they did arrive with a broken metal bracket that one of the straps is meant to be fed through. Shoulder straps are clearly meant for a MUCH taller person. Still, a good and hard to find reproduction. My complaints, such as they are, are minor really.

challis - US
m1903 suspenders (2012-04-07)
very accurate reproduction, very good materials and manufacturing. big deal!

malagoli - italy
great repro (2011-06-24)
looks like original, super contact from customer service if any problem in the order

frederic - FR
US M1903 Mills Web Equipment Suspenders (2011-02-15)
Garbage! Fell appart as I took it out of the package. Webbing seperated from rivits. Would stay away from this item. Total garbage!!!!!!!!!

Stevens - CA
Great repop (2010-05-05)
Finally, a set that fits and can be used. I hate even thinking about using the originals. The hardware and web are really accurate, comparing to the part of an original that I found in an old, dusty Army Navy store while going through bins of old straps.

Williamson - US
Mills web equipment straps (2010-03-10)
Excellent repro. Some that finaly fit.

Snyder - US
Good Repro (2010-03-04)
Look good

Hoffman - NZ
Great Reproduction! (2009-09-11)
This is an outstanding reproduction of the 1903 Mills Equipment Suspenders! Great hardware, fabric, and finish.

Darrek - Iowa
1903 equipment suspenders (2009-06-18)
Great looking. Thanks for making them long enough, Now the belt will not be under my armpits.

Braiwick - US
great (2009-05-06)
All items received and exceeded expectations. Thank you for your usual great service

shook - US
1903 suspenders (2009-03-25)
excellent repro. arrived in the time frame wpg said it would. will place further orders

Robertson - US
US M1903 Mills Web Equipment Suspenders (2009-02-28)
This is a great repop. I sure won't pay the steep price for an original and this suits my need perfectly. Thanks for producing this.

Tuttle - US