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Great Sweater (2019-02-15)
Well made, heavy duty, historically accurate. Just like Grandpa used to wear! Fast delivery as usual. Thanks WPG!

Lamb - US
amazingly fast delivery (2018-11-09)
extremely pleased with the fit and quality of merchandise

fahner - US
Great sweater (2018-05-04)
Great sweater, heavy-weight wool! Awesome!

Traxler - US
M1911 Sweater (2018-04-20)
I bought these to replace an earlier M1911 sweater I got from WPG some years ago. This one looks like an updated run, the wool is slightly darker, the knit tighter and the overall quality feels better. On the whole an excellend sweater. The sizing chart is extremely helpful!

Phillip - UK
Fast delivery (2018-03-19)
Very nice sweater. And warm too.

Bouchaud - FR
Fast delivery. (2018-02-25)
Another well made and accurate recreation of a super comfortable sweater. Is already one of my favourites.

Fassett - CA
Why, Oh, WHY... (2017-08-15)
Didn't I know about this company before!?!

(BTW... this one's for normal day-to-day clothing... as are the other 20th century "miracles" found here... I'm an 18th century "buff")


Redmond - US
excellent service and nice sweater (2017-05-05)
This has become my favorite sweater. Color is perfect. Great weight. Love it!

Lucas - US
M 1911 sweater (2017-03-02)
Fantastic quality, great fit,will get lots of use for ww1 and early ww2.

sewell - GB
Order smaller (2016-09-20)
Hello, overall a great repro. I ordered a large as it was the only size available. The large was about a size 46 when it arrived. After some machine washing and machine dry I was able to shrink it to about a 42-43. Very happy with the profit once I shrunk it down.

Nichols - US
Sweater (2016-04-29)
An excellent sweater. First time I tried it on I wore it the rest of the day, it is now one my favorites. I can not wait to use it for my WW1 impression.Top notch as always.

Maddox - US
1911 Sweater (2016-03-09)
This is my second sweater. The first one was for me and this one is for a Border Campaign exhibit at the Illinois State Military Museum.

great (2016-02-12)
The sweater is great, I even wear it when I am at home on chilly nights.

Sauter - US
Excellent sweater (2016-01-18)
This purchase was a gift - I have owned my own sweater for two years now and there is nothing better for cold weather riding - many times this sweater is sufficient outer layer. Highest recommendation.

Jenkins - US
1911 Sweater (2015-10-28)
Great item....super fast delivery and great email communication! Thx

Washburn - US
US M1911 Sweater (2015-10-21)
Excellent product. Faithful to the original. Quite warm.

Mapp - US
US M1911 Sweater (2015-07-13)
Very well made, nice and warm too.

Dunn - US
US M1911 Sweater (2015-07-03)
Top hole, this! I was very excited to be in receipt of my Model 1911 Sweater. The material and construction are what I have come to expect from WPG: First Rate. It is a comfortable sweater, true to size, and should bear up well under field use. This item is a fine compliment to the 'US Classic Cardigan Wool Sweater with Shawl Collar'.


D. J. Frank - US
US M1911 Sweater (2015-06-22)
Top Hole, this sweater is, and no mistake. The quality is high, the fit/size is as expected and the material is of the proper weight and type. Stylish, it will be a much loved and durable garment; one to be worn for many seasons.

Frank - US
Quality (2015-03-18)
Just as nice as my WWII GI sweater. Nice repro of a rare item, quality wool and weave.

Nappi - US
M1911 Sweater (2014-10-28)
Awesome. I am 6'5" and 270 lbs and the XXL fits me fine.

Jon - US
M1911 sweater (2014-07-14)
Outstanding, Cant wait for weather to change so I can wear it. I am 6'2, 190lbs, great length, Torso, Arms, all perfecto. Excellent workmanship. Highly recommend this for WW1 or even everyday use. Fast service, here within 3 to 4 days from UAE.

Tucker - US
M1911 sweater (2014-07-12)
wow, perfect fit, excellent work. I am truly impressed. I am 6''2 190lbs, wear a 44 jacket /coat.I got an extra large, fits dead on. Nice length, heavy duty sweater, nothing cheap about this sweater but the price. I can see I need to get the Classic Cardigan Wool Sweater with Shawl Collar as well. Fast shipping, easy to work with. Nice job.

Don - Tennessee
quick and good merchandise (2014-02-10)
I like the sweater very much. I expected it to feel more like wool and it feels more synthetic. However, I think it will do nicely. The fit is goot and the sizing seems accurate.

Perfect! (2013-12-17)
Beautiful recreation, substantial knit, perfectly finished. The medium is perfect for athletic build 42 reg. excellent quality, great fit.

Ron - Usa
Quality Reproduction (2013-12-10)
This reproduction compares favorably with 1911 sweaters worn in period images by pre-WWI and early AEF American soldiers. My wife, who is an avid knitter, was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the garment, especially since it is offered at such an economical price. The styling is similar to some sweaters currently offered by various men''s clothing stores and I may have to purchase another one for casual wear!

Darrek - Wisconsin
1916 sweater (2013-03-15)
I put it on right out of the box. It is a good warm sweater. I feel if it kept em warm and looking good then it'll do it today. And it does. Great product

Isenhart - US
M1911 Sweater (2013-03-07)
Putting on this sweater makes you want to hop on a horse and go chasing Pancho Villa... A great piece of kit, very warm and extremely comfortable! I wear a size 42 and like my knitwear close fitting, so I ordered a size M. And it was a good choice, the sweater fits perfectly.The colour is a little less bright than on the photo. Now I only wonder what the soldiers back in the day carried in the small pockets - extra ammo clips?

Phillip - GB
M1911 Sweater (2013-03-06)
Second one I bought so that should explain it all!

Guidobono - US
Fantasic (2012-12-16)
Awesome! Thanks for the quick shipping!

Frezza - US
US Army WW1 Sweater (2012-01-06)
I have been buying things from WPG for over ten years. Sellers don't get any better than Jerry, and this purchase was no exception. From the minute I bought the sweater I wanted, I knew where it was at every minute until it arrived at my door. I was delighted with the sweater itself, which was first quality and fit me perfectly (I'm 6'8" and 280 pounds). Jerry and WPG are truely a class act!

Nicholas P. Holder
Sherborn, Massachusetts

Nicholas P. Holder - US
Great Great War Sweater! (2012-05-30)
This sweater is not only GREAT!...It''s Fantastic! Supurb quality and reasonable price. Runs a tad big to fit over shirts/layer(which I already knew), so it fits great, too.

Doug/"Doc" - Pennsylvania
1911 sweater (2012-04-30)
great sweater, shipped incredibly fast,can't wait for cold weather to wear

mullikin - US
1912 pullover (2012-01-15)
Over 5 years ago I had considered having a copy of the OD pullover sweater made from an original in my cousin's collection, but decided this was an impractical project. I am pleased I procrastinated as "Tunes of Glory" has produced an excellent reproduction, which I can't wait to compare to the original next week. Bravo for your efforts!

Dixon - US
M1911 Sweater (2012-01-11)
Great sweater! Ordered one awhile back in sz 48 and it is Great! Fit was generous and the color and weave was right on. Just like having an original. Great item!

Brad - SD, USA
Sweater, M1911 (2011-11-23)
Met my historical expectations, and most importantly when out shooting my '03 rifle, it keeps me warm.
Arizona Territory

Montgomery - US
Repeat customer (2011-11-10)
What a beaut! Great item that must be at least as good as the original, if not better (we all know Uncle Sugar deals with the lowest bidder!). Expect high quality items, great commo & super fast delivery from WPG!

TaxWiz - US
WWI Sweater (2011-11-03)
Excellent item. Great color compared to my original. Super fast shipping.

Fencl - US
Fantastic (2011-03-14)
Great product! Fast Shipping as always. Another reason to choose WPG over the others.

Gaston - US
US M1911 Sweater (2011-02-15)
Sweater looks good and is a good fit. I batted 50 percent on this order.

Stevens - CA
M1911 SWEATER (2011-01-05)
Fantastic Repro of a bygone era.Hope WPG will consider extra clothing ideas to this great period.Returned for a smaller size with ease of transaction & postal speed.Great price.Thanks Much again WPG!!

Abbo - Australia - AU
sweater (2010-12-28)
excellent color and fit. goes well w/ my border period living hx display. highly recommended

robertson - US
1911 Sweater (2010-12-26)
This sweater is indeed my new favorite! Great looking and warm. Delivery via DHL was a bit of a nightmare: it took them 3 tries, and 3 phone calls from me, for DHL to discover my straight-forward address and easy-to-find house! But, the sweater is worth the hassle!!

US 1911 Sweater (2010-09-13)
Spot on authentic reproduction of a classic WWI sweater. Thick and warm. I challenge anyone to find a sweater of this quality on the market today and such a great price. Truly my new favorite sweater.

Armbruster - US
1911 sweater (2010-09-11)

Griffin - US
M1911 Sweater (2010-05-28)
Very well made and typically heavy . . . will be good on a cold night. The details look good, and the service was fantastic.

Ragan - US
US M1911 sweater (2010-05-17)
SO nice quality, so well made. A little bit disappointed about size. M is a little bit long & large.
Very nice recreation-repro for a most competitive price. Thanks WPG

joseph-paul - FR
1911 US sweater (2010-05-05)
Great repro of a true rare item most people have not seen before. Thick and well made. Recommend to reenacter and everyone who wants a warm good, looking sweater. Keep up the good work!

Pepin - US
1911 sweater (2010-04-07)
great reproduction of a terrific piece of kit!

attew - GB
US 1911 Sweater (2010-01-15)
Fits great and beleive this will be a warm and comfortable sweater

Snyder - US
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