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Very fast delivery. (2017-07-27)
The holster was new unissued and in perfect condition.

Lyndon - US
Super (2017-06-11)
Great brand new NOS holster.
Superfast shipment.

Great (2017-05-14)
Perfect fit for my 1911a1

Duchesne - CA
Very prompt delivery. in excellent condition. (2016-02-02)
Very pleased. Perfect fit for my Enfield mk I revolver.

schmidtke - US
webley (2015-12-31)
Perfect for my uniform an my webley

Gir - ES
UK P-37 Medium Revolver Holster (Original) (2015-07-07)
Like new ! Quick delivery. Fits my 1935 Enfield revolver perfectly.

Hillenbrand - US
Outstanding holster (2015-06-21)
New old stock holster for revolvers but a Browning HiPower fits perfect.

Scott - US
s (2014-07-06)
well made very happy

Smith - AU
Canvas holster (2014-05-07)
Absolutely Perfect! In brand new condition and flawless.

Brian - Canada
Mr (2013-10-10)
I like the holster as I can put just about anything in it and it fits. It looks good with my new impression too.

Donegan - US
Best (2013-09-16)
The best because it is the one that the others are based off of. Great condition, buy it.

Edge - US
Feed Back (2013-01-07)
Quick, good communication, exactly as described.

Brady - US
34.00 (2012-12-16)
good service,good product

la puzz - US
UK Patt37 Holster (2012-11-08)
Perfect for my replica Webley

Borg - AU
perfect (2012-04-17)
perfect, it's a original, what can I say?

Werner - BR
Perfect (2012-03-25)
My 1911 fits perfectly, Perfect as usual wpg.

Werner - BR
Perfect! (2012-02-05)
Exactly what I was looking for, meets my specs perfectly. Thanks!

Madsen - US
UK P-37 Medium Revolver Holster (Original) (2011-11-16)
excellent for my FREE FRENCH SAS, thanks

eric - FR
UK P-37 Medium Revolver Holster (Original) (2011-08-09)
Item looks brand new

DeMeo - US
UK P-37 Medium Revolver Holster (2011-07-15)
very high quality, nothing to say, thierry

luce - FR
UK P-37 Medium Revolver Holster (Original) , (2011-05-21)
perfect fit for my colt 1911 and my webly mkIV, it´s in good condotions

casariego - ES
Nice clean original piece. (2011-04-20)
Works well with the Browning Hi-Power.

Fenner - US
Jim (2011-04-08)
How do they get great stuff like this? Excellent condition!!! First rate!!

Custeau - US
holster (2011-03-14)
Beautiful item, perfect for the Browning Hi-Power, couldn't believe it's an original!

Arroyo - PH
UK P-37 medium revolver holster (original) (2011-02-04)
My repro Webly Mk VI fits great!

Hansen - US
P 37 Holster (2010-10-01)
It was shipped quick and arrived in unissued condition! Couldn't be happier!

Simmons - US
Revolver holster (2010-09-01)
A great item, WW II dated, excellent condition.
Great fit for my blank firing 1911 Colt.

O''Hannon - US
Perfect ! (2010-08-29)
great item, as the original. The colour is good. Problemm is that it looks also ' as new ' so I added some blanco, but its a perfect repro for a good price

Vrolijk - NL
p-37 holster (2010-08-03)
Like new condition holster. This is a good stock up for future item.

thomas - US
UK P-37 Medium Revolver Holster (Original) (2010-02-28)
Like new condition. Fits my S&W .38 Victory Model as well as my Colt 1911A1. Thanks.

Ulm - US
Holster (2010-01-19)
Wow, a perfect fit for my new-to-me Webley! Much better shape than I expected. This is my second order from WPG, and I plan more purchases.

Rivera - US
Perfect (2009-12-13)
Perfect for the Browning HighPower !

Schatull - DE
UK P-37 Medium Revolver Holster (Original) (2009-11-16)
Very nice holster, my m1911a1 fits just nicely! Thanks again for the items, and until next time!

De Clercq - BE
Perfect condition original (2009-10-17)
The No. 2, Mk. 1* revolver fits. All I need now is the khaki shorts, pith helmet, swagger stick...and the batman to make tea.

Dular - US
Correction (2009-07-15)
Sorry. I wrote reproduction but it is not. It is the REAL thing. Sorry fo the mix up.

Triffoni - BR
UK P-37 Medium Revolver Holster (Original) (2009-07-15)
Excellent reproduction. Thanks!

Triffoni - BR
holster (2009-06-22)
Excellent thank !!!!!!!!!

Florian - FR
UK P-37 Medium Revolver Holster (2009-05-06)
Wonderful condition.

Bernaud - FR
UK P-37 (2009-03-27)
Neat, wonderful condition, my Webley .38 has found a home.

Jones - US
UK HOLSTER (2009-02-03)
I have been waiting several months for this item to be available (Jerry listed it before it was available) AND IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!! This holster is GREAT!!!! I can''t wait to use it.....keep getting great original stuff like this!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!! THANKS JERRY AND STAFF!!!!