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US M1904 Saddlebags (2016-02-09)
These are a damn fine set of bags. I use and abuse them regularly, without worry of failure. Also, it's hard to beat the price.

Mark - Connecticut, U.S.A.
US M1904 Saddlebags Feedback (2013-03-14)
Beautiful repro. Can not beat the price on them. I am fully Satisfied and looking forward to using them at events this year.

Maddox - US
Really nice! (2011-10-05)
I bought a set of these and they are spectacular! They are truly quality construction and a perfect fit for original M1904 McClellan saddles. I highly recommend them.

Kelton - Alaska, USA
Saddlebags (2011-02-25)
These saddlebags are awesome! They just can''t be beat for the price. I have had mine for a few months now and they are holding up great. They come complete with liners, condiment bags, and straps to attach to the saddle.

Phil - Virginia