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Great product and great customer service (2020-04-28)
Received it exactly as described. The only downfall was that the saddle clip had been rusted and broke during shipping. I contacted the store and they shipped out a new clip immediately.
No harm no foul. Great customer service and great product.

Flynn - US
Leather canteen cover (2016-04-12)
A very well constructed canteen carrier, leather, stitching and hardware are solid. Easy to fit on belt, backpack and saddle in various ways as needed. The 1910 canteen fits in well, but it's too tight for the canteen and cup together -but I'm still experimenting with stretching it. Kudos WPG for making these unusual pieces of kit available!

Phillip - UK
US Officer Leather Canteen Carrier (2016-02-09)
This canteen carrier is made to last. Very nice, and very well made.
Jerry is quite the quartermaster.

Mark - Connecticut, U.S.A.
Great piece (2014-06-08)
Very high quality. Worked it over with baseball glove conditioner, looks great on a Saddleback Leather briefcase. Canteen cup is a VERY tight fit even after a lot of work getting it.... And out.

Peter - VA, USA
Leather Canteen Carrier (2014-02-18)
On time, Happy with purchase

Haussler - US
us leather canteen carrier (2011-10-13)
None better. Exactly perfect.

Simmons - US
Leather canteen cover (2011-09-28)
Very nice, well made, just a little tight for a canteen cup...I''ll have to work on it. WPG has done it again for me, and like all way, shipping! Hooah!

Boyd - Florida
leather canteen cover (2011-08-29)
A very good product. I oiled it when I got it and put the canteen in it to let it shape up. Used it riding out and the felt liner worked well in keeping the water in the canteen drinkable. I am very well satisfied and works well in the field.

Simmons - US
Leather canteen carrier (2011-04-18)
First class product, as usual. Leather looks like pigskin, which is fine for an officer''s gear. Can be carried on Sam Browne belt or clipped to saddle.

Jon - Ireland
Leather canteen cover (2011-04-11)
Another hit for WPG! A neat piece of officer''s private purchase kit. Leather looks like pigskin, appropriate for officer''s kit. There is a felt lining or insulation. Well made, fits the M1910 canteen, though a tight fit on my 1943 stainless steel, flanged version. Am now getting an early M1910 from WPG. Bravo Zulu again, Jerry!

Jon - Ireland