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Outstanding craftsmanship. (2021-08-13)
Quality is excellent.

Mike - US
Awesome (2021-06-10)
Awesome cap, just has a crappy chinstrap that needs to be replaced. Great construction and great value for the money !

France - US
Peter O'Toole singing in Wadi Rum. Enjoy your cap! (2020-10-17)
Great look. Thank you

Fraser - AE
British tropical officers hat (2020-07-23)
Extremely well made hat for the price of $50. Size was perfect 73/8 . Great company with terrific selection of merchandise.

Richard - N.J. United States
British Officer Khaki Drill Service Dress Cap (2020-03-19)
Love the cap. Replaced strap with an original and good to go. Good fit...good product...good service.

Hampton - US
superb (2019-02-06)
nice, but I've never seen an official KD hat officer and I can not judge

pauletto - IT
Excellent (2019-01-20)
all received and very pleased with my purchase which was well packaged and arrived in very quick time...

Stanford - AU
Great service (2016-07-23)
Great product and service

williamson  - UK
British Cap (2015-08-31)
I'm very happy with this cap. I wear it for casual wear, so construction is more important to me than authenticity. The construction is outstanding. It fits great. Great work again by WPG.

Young - US
Best quality British Officer Khaki Drill Service Cap (2015-08-20)
Great cap, it actually looks like a bespoke hand made cap of the period. I use it often when chauffeuring my friends in my Jeep, the splashes of mud on it give it all the more trench character! Perfect for a "Mespot" expedition! Fast shipping and communication, as always, from WPG!

Manchester - US
been wearing it proudly (2014-11-11)
another perfect fit and a comfortable feel

Keegan - AU
Khaki Drill British WW2 Service Dress Officers Cap (2014-11-04)
Superb item, perfect colour and material. Buttons are fine although I've heard some had blackened kings crown buttons but the brass ones look spot on to me. The crackly plastic top surface liner is pointless and should be replaced with a modern soft polythene one but as it's loose fitted you simply take it out so it's not a problem although you lose the WPG logo inside. The modern plastic circular springy hat former is SUPERB at holding the hats shape- although for my purposes as I wanted a typical "crusher" look I took it out which again is simple pull out job. The sizing worried me from some of the older reviews BUT it looks like the issue has been resolved as this fits SPOT ON. Overall, I CANNOT fault this superb hat- another WPG masterpiece!

Janes - IE
British officer dress cap (2014-08-19)
Good fit, true to size

Spurlock - US
mr (2014-07-31)
good item, looks good and fits well ordered my hat size and a perfect fit as others have stated chinstrap not brilliant but great item that looks good cannot really fault this company.

hynam - GB
uk khaki cap (2014-04-11)
good item.Thank you.

Miyahara - JP
Mr (2013-03-13)
Reasonably good repro' Size was OK, have since removed the silly plastic liner and brim stiffener to obtain a more realistic "field" look As others have said " the chin strap is not quite right" but overall I would order again if need be.

Lean - AU
Great Brit Mespot cover! (2013-03-06)
Great functional haberdasher made hat. Fits perfectly according to normal sizing. Adjustable leather chin strap can be adjusted tight with no problem. I took out the plastic inner liner and removed the stiffener ring and use it as a very comfortable well ventilated tropical hiking and driving hat...I get great remarks! I've been looking for one like this for years and an very happy with this hand made cover!

Manchester - US
CO Scots guards (2012-10-15)
The cap was a good fit and was clean except for a few dark grey stains on the band. There were no holes for affixing the cap badge which was problematic, but it was a good purchase, I'm happy with it.

MacMullen - US
Bill (2012-10-04)
Excellent, well made though the chin strap was a shade too long.

Borg - AU
Excellent (2012-03-25)
I have been looking for this during years, just perfect

Werner - BR
KD service dress cap (2011-12-04)
Excellent. Well made and a perfect fit for my size 7 1/2 ins head.

Prince - GB
KD cap (2011-11-22)
Good-looking cap, reasonably authentic, the liner and stiffener easily removable. Leather strap not quite like the real thing, but I had plenty of those anyway! Pretty impressed.

Jay - GB
British Officer Khaki Drill Service Dress Cap (2011-06-04)
The cap is good but chin strap is little bit longer

Dyokin - CY
British Officer SD Khaki Drill (2011-04-04)
The cap's appearance is nicely done. However, the clear plastic inside top liner is a bit thick and "crackly" when flexed. Surely there's something more flexible available. Fits perfectly.

Filson - US