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The delivery was great! (2021-02-02)
I love the look of the pants! Size is good,I had thought I ordered the Australian Pattern ww11 Drill trousers? The Guerkha pants are great too!
Thank you

Carty - CA
Great Gurkhas (2020-11-25)
I love these trousers. The fit is spot on and construction and materials are excellent as expected from WPG.
You really need to do these in JG now. They would work for any impression from Malayan Emergency through early Vietnam War ANZAC. I would definitely buy a pair.

Adam - NC USA
Excellent (2020-06-23)
Very nice trousers at sheap price very fast shipping
Excellent seller I'm coming back soon

high quality; stylish cut (2020-04-16)
I was surprised by how slim these trousers were: there is just enough room in the thigh not to feel too tight. I usually wear a 30" in all brands of trousers and the 30" in these Gurhka trousers were just right for me. I'm actually on the 2nd-tightest setting for the waist buckles. The fabric feels durable yet comfortable. The sewing seems good. The pockets are delightfully deep and the rise is glorious. I removed the belt loops because I found them superfluous. Shipping was amazingly fast (2 days from UAE to US). Overall very pleased.

Gardner - US
OUTSTANDING (2019-06-14)
I recently received my Gurkha trousers and they are, without a doubt, an outstanding pair of trousers! A very nice heavy cotton, a beautiful British tan color, and just an all-around great value!
WPG Always delivers a Phone product at a fair price and in a speedy fashion! They are an absolute pleasure to do business with, and I look forward to doing business with them again in the not too distant future! Thanks to Jerry Lee and the entire crew at What Price Glory!

Rich Cranwell - US
The "REAL" Deal (2019-06-13)
Just received these Gurkha Trousers, so pleased, weight of fabric is heavy like it should be as with the rich British color. Buying another pair. Thanks Jerry.

James - Pa.
Great trousers (2019-05-13)
Excellent trousers! Nearly spot-on identical in detail to my original Australian Army jungle green ones, although I like the quality of the fabric better on these ones than the originals. Keep up the good work!

Ben - UK
Excellent (2019-04-10)
Very nice job
Thank you so much for the fast shipment

Marrero - SE
Great material (2018-10-15)
This pants material is good. Cutting is good. The only downside is the buckles are very cheap and broken. I just change to copper ones which look more grand.

Chan - HK
super (2018-07-14)
Very nice trousers good quality cheap price
very fast shipping. Excellent seller

limosin - FR
Just like the originals (2018-03-27)
I bought a pair of these a couple of years ago, and when comparing them to an original pair of jungle green 1967 dated Australian Army trousers that I own, the difference between the two is absolutely minimal. The buckles are a bit thicker than the original ones, but they can be easily can be replaced - although I have kept mine. Other than that they are spot on. The cloth is nice and strong, and the khaki has faded nicely with repeated washes.

Ben - Great Britain
Goorkha trouser (2018-02-03)
A very good trouser for an Acceptable Price...

Matsas - DE
Happy! (2017-12-31)
Glad to have found this site, I searched for some time for the availability, quality and style! glad they have the Ghurka trouser, great fit, trousers are of really good weight. also purchased the Ausriailian trousers.

Walker - US
Super (2017-04-20)
got the uniform my member of my group was very happy with the uniform thank you

mcclennan - AU
Sizing is difficult (2016-10-04)
I purchased a pair of 36 in shorts and they are almost too large. The 36 in trousers are almost too tight. The 38 in trousers are almost too large. I can sort of understand the difference in the trousers. I may be somewhere in between the 2 but not sure why the shorts fit so differently. OTHERWISE, I LOVE the shorts and pants. I did shorten the inseam on the shorts so they don't hang below my knees but I wear them all the time now.

Love them! (2016-08-22)
Nothing bad to say about them. Much good. Plenty of pockets, including in back. Curiously, being the same company and the design being so close, the Gurkha pants DO NOT have the two defects that my Ghurka shorts have: The buckles, though very similar to the short's, aren't as thin. As a result, I don't think they'll contribute to fraying much. also, the buckles are placed in front of the hip bone. As such, they are much more comfortable to cinch, requiring much less trunk-twisting to get the job done.
The fit is nice and loose, without being excessively baggie. Along with almost every other review of trousers and shorts on this site, I'll caution whomever is considering buying them to order one, perhaps even two, sizes larger than your usual waist size.
I'm waiting to see if or how much the fabric shrinks when washed to order another, perhaps a couple more. Very nice indeed!

Fl./USA - Miami
Super (2016-07-31)
These are great trousers, well-constructed,

Gay - AU
Great Trousers but some minor errors. (2016-07-30)
These are great trousers, well constructed and identical in cut and construction to my Australian originals. My pair were marred however by poor positioning of the loops (up to 2 inches out of place left vs right, front and back) and one of the buckles was 2 inches too far forward. Unpicked them and resewed them. Also replaced buckles from SA3595 Rectangle Buckle with Prong 32mm Nickel. All good now.

Rohan - AU
OUTSTANDING! (2016-07-21)
I recently had lower back surgery, which was coupled with losing about 40 pounds with more to come off..I required trousers that would
1) give my back some support
2) give me some adjust-ability for the waist
3) be comfortable in the Florida weather
Comes now the WPG and Ghurka Trousers!
I had a pair already, which was a good thing as my regular pants were falling down around my waist...ordered two additional pair, realized I picked the wrong size, sent an email and made a phone call to adjust the order (got to speak to THE MAN Jerry himself!) supply request change was easily handled. Coupled with my old regiment stable belt (and a new WWI belt from WPG as well) and I am back in the office.
Comfortable and stylish, the material will last for years. Pretty much wash, press and wear (I press everything) Tonnes of compliments from clients and co-workers.
Highly recommend...
I also got a set of KD Trousers as well..on a second order...will probably be purchasing more in a few months.

rosenthal - US
Very pleased (2016-06-01)
I am very happy with the quality of the trousers, fit, and quick shipping

Manley-Ciesielski - US
Authentic trouser... (2016-05-20)
HavIng carefully read the reviews prior to ordering, I was prepared to "size up" thinking I would be oh-so clever. However after speaking personally with Jerry, he advised against it, and subsequently, as would I.

Like all clothing, one must dress according to ones body.

Measure your natural waist, which is to say the base of your rib cage, above your navel and that should be your trouser size.

Remember, that these are historical reproductions of a military trouser from the 1940's. Trousers of this sort are inherently baggy, and designed to fit soldiers.
Lean, fit, young men.

The trousers themselves are well made of decent quality cloth.

If one is looking for Anderson Sheppard's Style No. 8 made from Fox Bros cloth then one will be disappointed.

However, if you are looking for a hardworking reproduction of an otherwise hard-to-find item, then look no further.

John - Canada
Excellent service thank you. (2016-04-28)
I bought these to re-create an "Aden 1965" impression and they are just the job. They are exactly like (maybe just a touch heavier) the "OGs" I used to wear with my para smock back in the '70s. Like the real thing, give them a good long wash programme before using them and they are as comfy as pyjamas! This also makes them look the part for re-enacting!

Blunt - UK
Awesome product (2016-04-18)
Great bang for the buck for a product that can hardly be found anywhere else!

fast delivery (2016-01-21)
fast delivery even in Italy

Guittini - IT
Now I know why the British won the war! (2016-01-10)
Marvelous. Not to be found any where else. Extreme caution: go up at least 2 sizes, may be 3. In good trousers, I am a 37 inch waist. With WPG, I ordered these in a 40 inch waist. After 1 warm machine wash, and 1 normal machine drying, the 40 fits like a 37. Next time I will order a 42. And I will re-order...

jon - Mass/US
Gurkha Trousers (2015-11-05)
First time order. Exceeded expectations

Bazemore - US
UK Gurkha Trousers (2015-10-20)
Beautifully made and great attention to detail down to the tabs in the cuffs and hidden reinforcement for the map pocket flap. Buckles on my pair appear heavy and good quality.
Great value for money and super fast delivery: 4 days from UAE to Perth WA, Australia.

Gay - AU
Gurkha trousers (2015-10-13)
Nicely made. Very comfortable high waist. Deep pockets. I intend to order another pair.

Hill - US
Loose weight before ordering your normal size (2015-01-29)
Much more tightly cut all around, up and down than my previous pair of WPG british drill trousers. Suggest going up 2 sizes, e.g. I should have bought size 40 rather than the size 36--the size I take in all my other trousers, from other makers. Will try to lose weight, rather than return, which is a bit too much effort, considering.

bell - US
Ghurka Pants. (2014-10-21)
These Looked Great were Made Very well...But just too little for me. I Hate This because i really liked them. :(

pearsonjr. - US
Delchin (2014-02-04)
I had these Guerkha pants in the 80's and was thrilled to find them again. I orginally ordered a 32 but they were a bit snug so I exchaged for a 34 and they are perfect. These are well made and the details are amazing. I'm tempted to order another pair since they are so hard to find and they're really well made with great fabric. The other items on your website look just as amazing so I'm happy to have found you.

Straight - US
Better than remembered (2014-01-03)
These are Great ,I love the weight of these trousers .I ordered up sizes ,my thinking ,I can fix too large and I willing to do just that these pants are worth it .I brought a couple pair when Banana Republic sold real clothes these supersedes the old pants in all ways .

Gans - US
apologizes for wrong feedback (2013-10-21)
So sorry for sending a wrong feedback.I mistook your company with an other one outside US sent me a short army pants as described previously.Your Ghurka pants are realy great and nicely made.Once again,my apologizes.

sena - ES
ghurka pants (2013-10-10)
Pants are great but should make some objetions.All buttonholes come from fabric too narrow so very difficult to insert buttons trough and this ones are metal edged so easily damaging fingers.Pants arrived fabric mistake.Left hand pocket whas inside stiched to leg,s pant at half pocket level so no possibility to insert hand to the end of pochet.As no question to send back pants for replacement due to shipping cost,had to send them to alteration clothing worshop

sena - ES
Gurkha Trousers (2013-08-22)
I am a tall woman who likes to wear vintage-looking and high waisted trousers. These fit beautifully in the waist and allowed for heavy-duty bending and working outside for landscaping projects. They do come long in the leg, but hem up very well. The cotton canvas fabric is thick and durable, withstanding scuffs and washings. Could not have found a better product! These look great with suspenders and safari vests.

Stoneburner - US
5 (2013-07-30)
More than expected.
Excellent pants - will last a lifetime.
If they came in more colors I'd buy them all.

KD pants (2013-04-09)
thanks I got the pants they are good

mcclennan - AU
Excellent reproduction - glad I ordered them. (2013-04-07)
Excellent reproduction. Good quality in the fabric and construction. Only objection is to the buckles.

Newmark - US
UK Gurkha Trousers (2012-08-30)
Great as always! Good fit out the package.

Hampton - US
Great Item. (2012-06-21)
Positives First:
1 Good fit out of the package.
2 Well made, good material
3 very similar to what my uncle had issued to him.

Negative and it really is NOT a negative.
1 They come LONG have to be shortened. BUT after years of dealing with issued items I can honestly say longer is better, it can be taken up.

rosenthal - US
Great Trousers (2011-12-11)
I ordered 36" waist - I (no longer) wear 34" jeans. These were about right straight out of the packaging. I washed them prior to taking them up, and they haven't shrunk much. I'm considering whether to take them to the Himalayas with just a belt, or sew some emergency braces buttons into them first. Depends on how the leg shortening goes.
No probs with the buckles - the sharp points seem to hold well.

Crewe - GB
Ghurka Trousers (2011-11-27)
I am well pleased with the trousers I received. I ordered a size bigger and, sure enough, once washed they had shrunk to a perfect fit. Interesting they are made in Pakistan as I have learned over the years that this is standard with cotton garments from that area. I am happy with the attention to detail and manufacture of the garment.

once washed they shrunk to a perfect fit

Carhart - GB
Gurkha Trousers (2011-09-30)
I usually wear a size 34 jeans, but my high waist measurement was closer to 39 in. I ordered a size 38 and the trousers I received were a size too large for me. I sent 2 messages inquiring if I should return for a smaller size or wash in hot water. I never recieved a reply. I washed them in hot water, but they still are a bit large. So Im stuck with them. They are very heavy fabric and well made. However the buckles are very thin and sharp metal. I was surprised that my messages were unanswered as my past experiences were positive.

UK Gurkha Trousers (2011-08-22)
Fits great in the waist. Will have to have the legs shortened a little though. Both pins on the side buckles fell off as I was trying to adjust them. Needed a little work with a needle nose pliers.

Sifling - US
UK Gurkha Trousers (2011-04-29)
Well made and fast service as usual. As with all WPG orders, however, it seems size is hit or miss. They are a lot larger than the size I ordered. I will attempt to shrink them. Otherwise, they look nice.

Umstead - US
UK Ghurka trousers (2011-04-06)
excellent reproduction of a well known trouser from WW2. I need to reenact Australian soldiers in New Guinea in WW2 and until now was not able to do so. Trousers have greenish buttons - original trousers have brown buttons so will need to exchange. Otherwise very suitable and hemmed to right length so no need to alter length

fawkes - AU
ww2 ghurka trousers (2011-04-05)
excellent reproduction of a hard to find item. High standards of WPG have been mainained in these trousers - excellent cut, good fit and the wide belt loop a plus. Highly recommend these trousers

kim - australia
Great pants, fair price, one small issue. (2011-04-04)
These trousers are sturdily constructed, multi-purpose, comfortable, and unique. The right lateral seam of the pair of size 38 I ordered is twisted however. I haven't yet contacted WPG to see if they will exchange for a new pair.

Hill - US