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Narrow Epaulets (2018-10-23)
Nice shirt but narrow epaulets and a bit to the rear. The material is not as heavy as my originals.

Ridge - US
Nice shirt, worth the money (2018-04-03)
Bought this to go with the worsted wool trousers. Looks sharp! Fit across the chest is fine but I would've appreciated more room in the neck. I can widen the button hole and hope the cotton doesn't shrink in air-dry. The curse of being an American male over 50, I suppose. 5'8", 210 lbs, 42 chest and a 44 belly, with a 37 waist. :)

Whigham - US
Super (2018-02-10)
Poplin Officer's Shirt is excellent. Just what I was after, and I'm once more obliged to you for producing such outstanding products. (A lot of the clothes which I've ordered get worn as wardrobe when I'm not re-enacting/cosplaying, in truth...they're just that classy, and well-made.)

Williams - US
Review (2017-10-02)
Fast delivery; exactly as advertised.

Deutsch - US
another great travelshirt (2017-08-01)
very pleasant quality, looks stunning and is very comfortable, again I was not disappointed, sure not my last purchase!

Kafkaesk - AT
Outstanding! (2017-07-14)
Outstanding product, outstanding service! What a great team! Keep up the good work! Works fantastic under 1st Pattern HBTs in the summer.

Welch - US
Excellent (2017-04-03)
received the shirt and it is more than I had expected. Bruce

Slocum - US
Fast delivery (2017-03-29)
The quality and color of the shirt was authentic. I always order a size up on these items as they always seem to made a bit small, or I am just getting fatter … perhaps a combination of both. Thanks.

Cook - US
Exactly what I ordered and needed (2017-02-11)
Again you guys came through and on time

Hartney - US
Good shirt, will order additional (2017-01-27)
Only thing wrong with it is that the epaulets are too thin and are a bit too far back on the shoulder. They should be 1 1/2 " wide (based on my original) and are too thin by 1/2". Otherwise good construction and proper fit.

Graves - US
Great shirt - love the weight of the material (2016-07-12)
Hopefully you'll do one for the Navy/Marines as well

Weil - US
Very good (2016-05-15)
Nice reproduction. Color is much more accurate to the 1940s.

Welch - US
Tight in the neck (2016-02-16)
A little tight in the neck for the size selected but a nice item nonetheless.

Finlay - AU
Efficient service and delivery (2016-02-02)
Simple ordering process, confirmation of order and shipping information. Delivered ahead of schedule. Great customer service!

Davis - US
Very fast delivery, great shirt (2016-01-18)
Great service, couldn't have hoped for etter

Franklin - AU
Best (2015-11-14)
Its good thanks. Perfect !

dubourg - FR
Retired pi (2015-11-10)
Ordered and received khaki shirt and trousers, both were what I expected and I'll be ordering more items as needed. I am extremely pleased with the quality and attention to detail. W Casteel lockhart ,texas member Lonestar MVPA

Casteel - US
Mr (2015-10-08)
Great shirt, delivered fast. Perfect fit.

Murphy - US
Not right (2015-08-31)
Shoulders don't fit me. The shoulder straps hang down onto the arm and the collar (when buttoned) does not seam to fit correctly.

Johns - US
Mr (2015-06-02)
Excellent third one! Outstanding price as well. This shirt looks like almost all of the original light weight poplin shirts from the 1940's I've ever seen...and that is more than just a few. Nicely done.

Welch - US
* (2015-04-17)
Great shirt, great price!

Welch - US
US Army Officer Light Weight Khaki Poplin Shirts (Improved Run) (2015-02-22)
Looks great and ordered the second one.

Lawrence - US
US Army Officer Light Weight Khaki Poplin Shirts (Improved Run) (2015-01-07)
Prodotto veramente interessante ad un costo contenuto che consente di completare il set-up di un ufficiale americano. Ottima qualità - misure abbondanti.

Really interesting product at an affordable price that allows you to complete the set-up of an American officer. Excellent quality - measures abundant.

Max Paladino - Siracusa - IT
Spot on! (2014-09-28)
Great repro shirt,very well made ,good quality cotton,nice long fit with good arm length.

Jamie. - UK
Officers Poplin shirt (2014-08-28)
Very good fit, just what I wanted,if I had to be picky a littl darker than iI had hoped.
prompt service

Waller - GB
Khakis (2014-07-17)
I ordered the Khaki Trousers (Officer and EM), the EM Khaki Shirt and the light weight Officer Poplin Shirt. They are all great! Better quality and look than the higher priced uniform parts I had bought from another company. This was my second order, and I am already preparing another. 5 stars out of five.

musgrave - US
cricket (2014-06-23)
This is my third order and still have not been disappointed.

Ward  - US
Shirt (2014-05-28)
Great affordable item. But I hope you will produce soon the WAC version! Fast shipment as always, I'm amazed!

Roselli  - IT
us officer shirt (2014-04-24)
very comfortable shirt quality seems excellent

McMurtrie - AU
Shirt (2013-12-30)
Shirt was exactly as expected. I ordered my normal size (L) and it fits perfect.

Hyde - US
light weight khaki poplin shirt (2013-12-10)
fast delivery. shirt looks great and meets my S.A.M.S. post dress shirt requirement.

Butler - US
Exactly as Ordered (2013-12-03)
Good quality product, good fit, well satisfied!

Scott - US
US Army Officer Light Weight Khaki Poplin Shirts (Improved Run) (2013-11-09)
This shirt was a great value for the price. I ordered a LG, as is usually my size in retail stores and it fit perfectly. I have no complaints at all. I recommend this shirt, especially at the price.

Hyde - US
Officers Poplin Shirt (2013-08-31)
Nice shirt,I will starch collar for a snappier look. Never had a bad item from W.P.G. Keep up the good work!

Alan - Newcastle England
Poplin shirt (2013-08-07)
This is my second shirt. About to order a third. Can't beat it for price and looks great on a hot day under your chocolate officers blouse.

Hamann - US
US Army Officer lightweight poplin shirt. (2013-05-19)
Nice lightweight shirt. Good fit. Fast delivery.

Groff - US
US Army Officer Light Weight Khaki Poplin Shirts (Improved Run) (2013-04-30)
Nice shirt, I have a 17 inch neck and average build and a Large fit me fine with a little extra room.

Foose - US
Light Weight Shirt (2013-03-08)
Looks great. I even wear this with my civilian clothes. You do a terrific job!

Howey - US
US Army Officer Light Weight Khaki Poplin Shirts (Improved Run) (2013-03-08)
Thanks, great

Schuch - DE
U.S. Army khaki poplin shirt (2013-03-07)
Very good Army shirt and affordable.

Zuchowski - US
US Army Officer Light Weight Khaki Poplin Shirt (2013-03-06)
A little tight in the neck, but other than that, a good fit, got lots of compliments on it the 1st time I wore it.

Buerger - US
US Army Officer Light Weight Khaki Poplin Shirts (Improved Run) (2012-12-13)
A real nice garment. I can't wait to put some patches on it and wear it to reenacting events.

Reed - US
Button Cuffs Are Too Tight (2012-11-11)
I use the shirt for SASS Wild Bunch shooting. Color and Fit (Length, Waist, Chest and Neck) are excellent. I have trouble with the (2) button cuffs. They are too tight and are a struggle to get buttoned. I had to move the bottons so they would fit my wrists. The shirt is an XL and I am 6' 3" / 230 lbs.

Kalendra - US
US Army Officer Light Weight Khaki Poplin Shirts (2012-11-07)
The shirt looks great and the fit is perfect . Many thanks for your prompt service.

Robinson - US
Nice shirt (2012-10-16)
Nice shirt, good price-quality.

lightweight poplin officer shirt (2012-07-17)
I really like this shirt! It's a great weight. I wish Jerry would make one in this weight for Navy/Marine impressions. This shirt would be perfect in the south Pacific. I'm 6'3'' 220 lbs. I wear a fitted cut 17.5x36 dress shirt. I have a 46in chest and a 36in waist. The shirt in XL-L fits me like a glove! Perfect. I like the dark shade. I have seen originals this dark and one worn by the famous ace, John Godfrey, displayed in a museum is even darker. They were private purchase at a local tailor in England. Well done Jerry Lee and team.

Biff - US
p-51 here i come.... (2012-07-15)
have i got an off the cuff comment???? maybe something up my sleeve ??? neither...guys..awesome shirt...ive got the leather now i got the shirt...well made..good price and the collar is a cracking length to wear a tie the pen pocket bit as well....and to say i was ordering from the came wasnt too expensive....and it looks even better than i imagined....loving your work WPG...thanks and cheers from the UK...

elston - GB
Lightweigth (2012-07-01)
Ligth and nice fabric. Much ligther than standard shirt.

But theres something that not looks right with the pattern fort he shoulders. It's looks and sits just fine, but is made like a new sivilian type shirt and not like the WWII army types I have and have seen. Could be corrected but make sure to order a long so You can correct and lift the arms a bit towards the collar and still have enough arm length.

Also a bit tan/ brown compared to original kakhis or pinks shirt.

But a nice product for the price

Bjerkhaug - NO
light weight US Officers khaki shirt (2012-06-27)
Very nice shirt--light weight is perfect for those hot summer days but would like it to have been a little more roomy around the stomach area--snug is OK on most but not all modern day reenactors...wished the khaki shirt fit as well as the Brown Officers shirt...ordered one size and had to send it back as it was to tight then ordered a larger size and it isn't that much roomier then the smaller size originally ordered, I'll just move 1 -2 buttons for a little more room.

Mazzarella - US
rating 5 (2012-06-26)
Shirt is very nice, spot on to my original. The Buttons where my only convern. I replaced them with originals that i had otherwise the shirt is A+ 100% Awesome. Perfect fit!


Devlin - US
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