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Great Job (2019-06-03)
Great Job on all accounts. Fast delivery, very good quality. this repro of leather holster for WWI British Officers who carried the Colt 1911 is hard to find. This was the only place I could find it and great price as well. I looked into getting one made locally and it would have been 6 or 7 times as much.

Middelton - CA
M1911 Holster (2016-08-25)
Good thick leather at a good price. The goods deliver really fast and in better quality than I expected. Thanks,

Mike - Canada
colt holster (2015-01-22)
The workmanship is of a very high standard. Fits my colt .45 well and will weather well. Using with a 08 pattern belt. Looks good as a set

Lennon - Scotland
Sturdy stuff. (2014-09-25)
Very beautifull, well stitched, sturdy leather.
Well done at a very nice price.

Brouwer - NL
British Holster for Sam Browne Belt .45 Auto M1911 Leather (2013-05-24)
High quality workmanship and good thick leather at a good price. The goods you deliver are always better quality than expected. Thanks, Jerry!

Westlake - CA
British 1911 holster (2012-05-11)
In addition to my .455 1911 I have a 1913 .455 Webley Mk1 automatic which also fits very well in this superbly made holster .

Fred - UK
British 1911 holster (2012-05-11)
This holster a really good and very well made copy of a hard to get holster. I have an RFC .455 1911 which fits perfectly and is a must have if you do not want to pay the sort of price originals fetch if you could find one.

Fred - UK
Superb quality (2012-03-14)
The British private purchase holster for the 1911A!, to be worn with Sam Brown best is a finely made piece of kit. It fits my GI 1911A1 perfectly and the leather, stitching, hardware, etc., are all first rate. Shipping was lightening fast ass well.

Evan - Kentucky, USA
British M1911 holster (2012-03-14)
As always, fast delivery and excellent quality Holster exactly as described. Stout stitching, good leather and excellent workmanship. My 1911 fitted very comfortably; so much so that I wonder whether the original was made for a Webley automatic, which is bulkier than a Colt. Whther or no, an excellent holster. Thanks, Jerry!

Jon H - Ireland