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14 pat large and small pack (2021-01-03)
Excellent quality well made like originals fast postal service arrived in the UK before i closed my laptop

DAVE - United Kingdom
Correct Review for this item (2017-06-27)
Previous comment was for the haversack, sorry. Braces were a good length accurate shape and a good colour match to the description on Khakee Web. I thought they should be thicker but this reference said US made ones were a bit thinner than UK ones and actually these will probably be more comfortable the way I need to wear them. Seem strong enough anyway.

Gibbs - UK
Excellent Accurate Product (2017-06-27)
My favourite piece in the order, accurate to the originals, strongly made, will be very useful for my living history role.
One negative, easily covered by me with colouring, but can I suggest using all brown or khaki thread instead of the white in places.

Gibbs - UK
UK P14 leather brace (2013-11-04)
I just received the items and I am very satisfied about your services and the quality of the material. They are very nice reproductions.

P14 Leather Braces (2013-10-29)
Great copy of the scarce equipment.

fyfe - GB
Uk p14 leather braces (2013-09-30)
Awesome product, can't praise the quality enough!

mitchley - GB