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Good work! (2017-02-24)
Very good reproduction and fast delivery! Thank you!

Gaponov - RU
Fantastic!! (2016-10-21)
Everything I've now come to expect to be present when dealing with WPG was clearly evident throughout the process, from their fast-as-light shipping to the high quality of the products. I found the colors and pattern to be pretty much perfect. The material itself and garment construction - something that concerns me and I'm sure others the most (i.e. feel of the fabric, accuracy of sizing, how tightly the buttons are sewn on, zippers operating smoothly, etc.) are also all top-notch. Finally, the photos of the product on the website are exactly the same as what you receive; not always the case in this industry but it is always the case with WPG. Thank you!

Brian - US
FRENCH TAP 47/52 PARA LIZARD CAMO (2016-10-21)
Very good reproduction,very fast shipping, good communication.

Jean-Fran├žois - FR
Accurate Repro (2016-08-17)
Very fast delivery. Authentic pattern and features. Very happy with purchase

Paul - Wiltshire
Perfect (2016-07-22)
Exchange was perfect after a bad choice from me. Very nice fabric and beautiful Jacket & trouser, thank you WPG!

Andy - France
Fast delivery (2016-07-12)
Fast delivery - accurate fabric pattern .

Best Value (2016-07-11)
Super fast shipping and great quality.

Great item and service (2016-07-09)
True reproduction of TAP 47/52 uniform good color, print and fabric

sandford - UK
Amazed (2016-06-28)
Excellent reproduction of the French TAP Lizard uniform, great fit, heavy material, details correct, very good camo pattern. Well done!

Armbruster - US