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Fast delivery (2018-06-22)
Really great pants top quality!

Bansner - US
US M1885 Trousers (2018-06-08)
Material, and fit are top notch. Shipping was super fast, as always. I'll be adding cavalry leg stripes at some point. Another quality WPG product. Thanks Jerry!

Burns - US
Great service (2018-05-16)
The pants arrived in a couple days and are a great product. Spot on detail.

Crawford - US
1885 Royal Blue Wool Field Trousers (2018-04-24)
These trousers are identical to the custom tailored Late Indian War trousers that sell for $260.00 at the Quartermaster Shop. It would have been nice if they came with the yellow wool stripe, but there were two colors of yellow that the cavalry used, two colors of blue, and one of white that the infantry used, scarlet for the artillery, crimson for ordnance and hospital stewards (late), green for hospital stewards (early), orange for signal corps, black for general staff, and a few others that I am probably not mentioning. All in all this was A STEAL! Thanks Jerry for another superb bargain.

Speer - US
Great pair of trousers (2018-03-23)
These trousers are beautiful! I own a pair of originals and the color is spot on!
Love them and very comfortable !

Everhart - US
Fast (2018-02-19)
All items are top notch and fit nicely, no problems. Bob Bardsley..

Bardsley - US
Great pants (2018-02-10)
Really like my order. Fit was perfect. I ordered a size larger in order to wear them at the true waist line.

Chuck Russell - US