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fast delivery (2018-10-03)
great jacket good value ordered a 48 would liked to have a little more room in the shoulders I would recommend this jacket

saxberg - US
Pleased indeed (2018-05-06)
I have been a WPG customer for about 17 years and have ordered many items including about 6 battle dress jackets, and Irvin, a kilt and Great War British tunic....Jerry’ even told me once to never order from him again due to my dissatisfaction with a product’s quality! Most orders, but not all, have been satisfactory but nothing was ever just perfect until my recent A2 Leather Jacket. Seven days from order to wearing. Size XXL (48) is largest size and fit is perfect. Jacket looks good, smells good, and time will tell if wears well. Not sure if you want to cut me as a customer so always be kind!

Goheen - CA
Excellent Value (2018-04-18)
Very pleased with the item, quite lovely.
The next step, is to source a little badge/patch
I could add on the chest, like flying wings.
The size was a bit too small, and WPG were really
great about doing an exchange. Real customer
service for you! I'm spreading the word around...

Jalbert - CA
BUY ONE NOW! (2018-03-10)
This is an incredible A-2 Flight Jacket! You will never find a jacket equal to this quality at this price. Leather is top notch and knit cuffs and waistband are great too. I compared this jacket to my A-2 from U.S. Authentic and I actually prefer the What Price Glory version.

Krelle - US