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Great repro poncho (2020-06-11)
Great reproduction of the poncho the Army issued for about 50 years, starting with the ACW. There are numerous photos of soldiers in the Philippines in the 1900s still using this poncho (which must have been hot as hell). WPG's repro works great, and would be a nice addition for reenactors or golden age campers.

Jebediah the GyroCaptain - Northern Illinois
Fast delivery (2019-06-11)
Very well made,, the material is heavier than you would expect,, it will forever. get one..

Proctor - US
Excellent!!! (2019-01-19)
This is an excellent reproduction using great materials and well constructed. A+

Eric - Nebraska
Great item (2018-04-29)
Well made and has some serious weight behind it. Not some thin, flimsy item that will be torn up after a couple of uses. I was impressed so much, I ordered a second one!

Kevin - Texas