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Nice Lightweight Tent (2020-07-09)
I use 2" x 2" uprights with 2 pieces of hollow metal conduit as a ridge pole with a wooden dowel inserted into the conduit to connect the two. This makes for a spacious tent with comfortable room for two occupants. One caveat: It takes two persons to set this tent up. I did it myself but with difficulty and many frustrated words you don't find in the Bible.

Ray - TN
Jolly good (2019-09-21)
I can't comment on accuracy because the real tent is very rare. I have only ever seen pictures. The build quality is outstanding. You use the provided measurements to build your tent poles. 1-1/8" wood rod and 1" metal conduit (for connectors) will do the trick. I also use a ridge pole but It does seem optional. If you ever wanted one of these I would act now as I doubt they will be reproduced again. Highly recommended.

Joe - CA, USA