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Excellent Service, Great Product! Will be back! (2019-12-04)
Thank you WPG! - great product, good value, fast shipping, excellent service. I will be back again and again! - Scott T, Chicago

Thrower - US
fast delivery, thank you! (2019-11-18)
Great looking jacket, fits well!

Drane - CA
Great 1st Pattern Tanker Jacket (2019-11-14)
Thank you to What Price Glory for offering such a solid replica of the 1st pattern Tanker! A jacket that is very hard to get a hold of a good copy of, especially for the value that they offer. At first and lingering glances it looks to be spot-on. Colors are accurate, and the inner wool is well constructed. The pockets/seams are well constructed, and the bi-swing arms offer lots of maneuverability. One a very detailed look, a couple of super minor detail things I noticed were: the zipper inaccurately goes all the way to the top of the neck wool, vs. stops halfway, the label inside doesn't replicate the originals/and placement is inaccurate, and the cuffs, neck, waist wool color/feel is nice, but a bit less 'elastic' than I would ideally like, so the jacket doesn't cinch much in at the bottom, but it is not very noticeable, and doesn't keep me from loving the jacket. Good weight to it, solid stitching, great look! Great friendly prompt service & shipping.

Two thumbs up! Still give it 5-star, and if they incorporate the tiny corrections above, I may be back for more!

Scott - Illinois, USA
Super (2019-11-13)
very satisfied with all the items, I have been using them recently in a trip through the desert and all is great!

Correa - HK
Very well made🙂 (2019-08-19)
This is an excellent jacket! It is very roomy to allow for layering, just as originally intended by the war time and pre war Army. The biswing back allows for plenty of freedom of movement, and I look forward to this coming winter so I can use this jacket on my job ( I work construction). I am an large sized fellow, 6'4", 255 pounds, and the size XL fits great on me.

Deschapelles - US