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Great product (2020-07-29)
Great product, colour match to the original is fantastic

Human - IE
Always the best (2020-07-26)
As always Jerry never ceases to amaze with his high quality gear. My only bother was the button holes were too small, but I fixed that myself.

Walker - AU
Excellent quality! (2020-07-25)
Excellent quality! Heavy weight material, not sure if it is vat dyed or screened. Fit is really good. Probably the fastest shipping ever.

weir - US
Seem good quality, fit well (2020-07-24)
Ordered my natural waist + a size larger to account for any shrinkage. They are still a bit big but seem well made. I would just order natural waist if available next time.

Ian - Louisiana
Cool Trousers (2020-07-09)
Love the trousers

Traxler - US
very efficient service (2020-07-06)
WPG are very good with an excellent service ,trousers are a good fit and very well made ,if i had to be honest three minor things .
1.legs are far to long and no cord is darker than the original , but hopefully will wash out a bit .
3.rather baggier in the leg than the originals .

Bowen - UK
Sturdy (2020-06-29)
Ordered a little larger than I normally do for pants as suggested by product description waist size is good thanks to cinching straps but pant length is a little long probably could have gone a size smaller. Quality is excellent.

Young - CA
Very well Made (2020-06-27)
I bought the trousers and shirt. I am impressed, the Pattern, colour and fit is perfect. Very close to the original.shipping was fast too.

Werner - BR
Overall Quality is Exceptional - Trousers Waist runs Smalll (2020-06-26)
I am overall very impressed with the quality of the uniform. The overall design is very close to the originals. The pattern looks fantastic and the colors are very close to the original although the green tends to be a bit on the darker side. The material seems to be a heavy canvas which I have no doubt will stand up to prolonged use in the elements. The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the fact that the trousers waist is far too small for me. I typically wear a 38 but I ordered the 40 and it was still too tight for me to button them. I would probably order at least one size larger if not two sizes larger for the trousers.

Arnott - US
Rhodie trousers (2020-06-26)
Fit exactly to size. A very long leg but really pleased with them

Poulter - UK
Rhodesian Camo (2020-04-28)
I have purchased the trousers, shirt, jacket, bush hat and keko patrol hat. All are well made and true to the patterns of the originals from what I see. my satisfactoin is off the charts. Delvery was very quick. WPG is agreat company.

Broglia - US
Rhodesia camo pants (2020-04-17)
These things are amazingly accurate. Size is true to what your real waist size is so make sure you measure your waist size and Order what it is. Nice quality, sturdy pants

7thcav - US
Finally . . (2020-03-01)
Finally, a reproduction Rhodesian camo uniform, from a reputable outfit. Very pleased, and will be on the lookout for more . . .

Shiell - US
Very nice! (2020-02-19)
I love the shirt! Accurate pattern, and comfortable. Will be ordering more!

harper - US
Well made (2020-02-11)
These pants are pretty much exact replica's of the originals. I have an original pair from the Bush Wars. As others have stated I'm not to sure about the buttons, and my pair is bit tight fitting too. When I order another pair, I will be getting a size larger. Good quality on these, and the material is heavy duty. I don't think one could complain much about the price either. One complaint I do have is there are no instructions on how to wash these, unless I missed it somewhere. Overall very good job on these. Thanks!

harper - US
Great (2020-01-09)
Fast delivery. Well made trousers with a good job on the camo pattern. I say only good job on the pattern as in some areas it is spotty. Also, not sure how long the sewing on the buttons will last with regular usage. But overall I'm very pleased at a decent price point as well. Thank you.

Ridge - US
super fast delivery (2019-11-05)
very happy with trs heavy cotton good colour would recomened to others

simpson - UK
Very happy (2019-10-25)
The pants are very well made, though I am not sure how long buttons will handle regular use. I have ordered one size up, after experience with lizzards, but found I could order mine with these. Quite long, but will shrink enough. Thank you for great product.

Bouda - CZ
Authentic and very high quality (2019-10-13)
I’ve been searching for a good Rhodesian brushstroke trousers and have found them. Beautiful color, incredibly accurate pattern and made of thick and durable cloth. I couldn’t be more happy with these trousers and WPG’s customer service. Highest recommendation, absolutely excellent.

Simmons - US
Surprisingly quick delivery of a quality product (2019-10-07)
Received the trousers very quickly. They arrived on-time as specified by the tracking email.

The trousers are very well built. No loose threads, bad sewing, etc. The material is quite thick. I did notice several locations in the camouflage printing where the colors did not overlap properly. Minor issue really, as it's Camouflage!

I do have a couple of complaints. The trousers are very tight fitting at the waist. I ordered one size up from my usual. I am very glad that I did as this size fits a bit more snug than my normal size. Additionally, there are no care tags on the garment. I washed them in warm water and dried them on a medium heat. The trousers shrank approximately 2 inches. The waist remained the same, which is expected on a quality garment such as this. This shrinkage was fine as they were very long to begin with.

Papa6 - US
Awesome (2019-10-02)
Well made, authentic version of the trousers worn in the bush. Well done Jerry!

Armbruster - US