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very good (2021-04-22)
Good quality sling and arrived surprisingly quickly, considering that it traveled half-way around the world.

Miller - US
Great sling (2021-04-01)
Looks great easy to install with a little help for YouTube fast service

Ambrose - US
Sling Kerr US 1917. (2021-02-09)
Parfait , très satisfait.
objet conforme au descriptif.
Vendeur super sérieux excellente communication.


Kerr sling for 1917 (2020-08-12)
Just received and extremely pleased with the quality. Other than the new condition appears virtually identical to the original. Followed original instructions from the Kerr company for the 1917 (just search Kerr sling installation 1917 to find a photo) and installation was easy; no need to force buckles or use tools. Looks great on my Eddystone! Shipping was quick an reasonable. Very happy with this product and vendor. Will definitely be ordering more.

Bill - USA
Great product and good price (2020-05-31)
The m1917 sling is very high quality, and the shipping cost to Canada was very reasonable, it got here fast. I would buy again, thanks

Fred - Canada
Hyper Fast Delivery, Great Product (2020-04-17)
Fits like a glove, arrived super quick. Functions excellent. Thanks!

jules - US
Nice sling, (2020-02-25)
Going on a Remington 870; fits well.
Good customer service, thanks WPG.

McAfee - US
Kerr 1917 sling (2019-03-02)
Very pleased with look and quality. Shipping was quick. Highly recommend for M1917. Initially struggled getting buckles through sling loop, probably due to my lack of knowledge. Tip: Clip buckle to sling loop then slide rest of buckle through. Very easy this way. Practically impossible to push entire buckle through the sling loops on my 1917.

Matt - Alabama, USA
Makes my M1917 sing! (2018-07-08)
I ordered one of these slings and just received it. I installed and like others I had to clamp the hooks a bit with pliers and then reopen after feeding through the sling swivels. Directions from my book on the M1917 helped figure out the proper threading.

I can say the sling is of high quality and I will be ordering a couple more for my other M1917s.

Michael - TX
Great slings (2018-05-04)
I have bought 3 over a couple years for use on Ross, M1917 and even my hunting rifle. I have an original and this is a very close replica.

great sling (2018-03-22)
This sling is way better than another repro I'd bought from another dealer.

Ryan - Montana,U.S.A.
Great repro!! (2018-03-21)
This sling is much better than the repro I bought elsewhere,feels,and looks great!

Ryan - Mt,USA
Exactly as advertised (2018-01-11)
Sling hooks fit through the rifle sling loops pretty tight, took some muscle to force them through but all is well, sling looks good, and is exactly as advertised.
Very happy with WPG.

farquhar - US
Very fast delivery (2017-11-30)
Great quaality, easy to install. Will be buying more from this company.

Cochran - US
Fast delivery (2017-09-15)
Fine sling as discribed. Good quality. Looks great on my M 1917. Fast shipping to Germany. Thank you.

B725 - DE
US Kerr No-Buckl Sling for M1917 (2017-04-17)
Looks great, fits nicely on my M1917 and looks as close to original as possible when I compared to ones I saw on line.

venters - US
The right sling for the 1917 (2016-11-01)
This sling was the right length for the 1917 Eddystone I have. I ordered one from someone else that advertised for 1917 but it must have been for the Thompson as there was barely enough sling to hook the top part. International shipping from WPG was surprisingly quick. This is the sling for your Enfield.

Johnsten - US
Efficient (2016-06-17)
Product as described and delivery was prompt.

Hilchie - CA
Champion Sling (2016-06-16)
Nearly indistinguishable when compared side to side with an original. If you want a web sling for your M1917 then this is the only one.

Cody - US
The dogs bollocks (2016-05-20)
The best kerr sling on the market,dont bother with anybody elses.

coe - UK
As described and on time (2016-05-02)
Pleased with the original sling--as described. Thank you!

Blevins - US
Good products (2016-04-16)
Good products at a good price.

Reichert - US
Kerr sling for M1917 (2016-01-25)
Blown away by the fast shipping. My order arrived from Dubai sooner than two Midwest orders made at the same time. Very pleased with the sling. It really makes my M1917 stand out. Thanks WPG!

John - Virginia/USA
sling (2015-10-21)
perfect fit and works as it should.

aagaard - US
Kerr No Buckle 1917 Sling (2015-10-15)
Very pleased with the Kerr sling! Fits perfect! Excellent delivery time frame!

Bayuk - US
M17 Kerr Sling (2015-10-04)
My order was processed quickly and delivered to me in Australia in only 4 days - fantastic service. Thanks.

Quinn - AU
Jerrv's The Best (2015-02-20)
these Kerr repros are extremely difficult to tell from the originals !!! They fit and look great on my 1903's.

Greg - Pennsylvania
P14 sling (2014-12-10)
I read the comments about how good the delivery was and can only add to them - very impressive, efficient and quick!
Regarding the sling, it was as described, it fits (although needed a gentle squeeze with some pliers to fit through the sling hoops) and looks to be good value for money. Not had a chance to try it out in anger yet as a target rifle sling on my P14, but it all works as it should do and I'm very pleased with it.

Hayboy - GB
Feedback on M1917 sling purchase. (2014-11-29)
Really pleased. Your sling was recomended to me by a friend. He has originals and also your sling. Very quick dispatch and receipt. Fitted it to my M1917, it works perfect and looks great.

Lewis - GB
1917 Kerr No-buckl (2014-10-30)
After I had to order another sling to get the proper 1917, I am satisfied. Mistakes happen. As usual the quality is there as was fast turn around and shipping. Have been a customer for many years and will continue if the need arises. AAA+++
Bill DeMille

DeMille - US
Mr (2014-05-03)
Great service and product, thank you.

Howarth - GB
Mr. (2014-01-21)
Nice sling and a great value. Have on two rifles, 02, 17 and 28 Thompson. Saves the originals.

Soule - US
US KERR for US17 (2013-12-05)
Just received my order , look very nice on my US17 .
Tomorow direct to the stand !!!

Thank you .

De - FR
US Kerr No-Buckl Sling for M1917 (2013-11-18)
Fit perfectly my US 1917 Rifle.
Thank you.

Mat - BE
sling (2013-11-18)
envoi rapide

jean-paul - FR
Sling (2013-07-11)
Great product. Faster delivery from the UAE than I usually get from 2 states away! Thanks

Webb - US
Kerr M1917 Sling (2013-07-04)
Good sling, took some fiddling to install on M1917 rifle. Quick shipping.

Nanagas - US
Kerr sling for M1917 Rifle (2013-06-24)
Very nice item, excellent repro what seems genuine. I'm glad to have had this deal with you.

US Kerr No-Buckle Sling for M1917 (2013-05-22)
Ok, I bought this sling to install on M1917 Enfield rifle. It was a little short, but could be stretched out. The brass fittings were to wide to fit through the rifle sling swivels, and I had to take apart the slide keeper to install it on my rifle. But once I got it installed, it functions perfectly as it should. Holds up well, the weight of the rifle when I have it slung over my shoulder, and can handle finely the recoil while shooting at the range.

Jeremy - OHIO USA
M1917 Kerr Nobuckl Sling (2013-05-05)
Quick Shipping, good quality. Sling needs to be about 6 inches longer.

Dusci - US
Kerr Sling (2013-03-21)
Best sling for your Thompson. Great item high quality.

Kegel - US
Kerr Nobuckle Sling (2012-10-04)
Item as described; fast shipping; would do business again; thanks!

Rischak - US
Kerr no buckle sling (2012-07-24)
Nice sling- quick ship

Barthol - US
Rifle Sling (2012-07-21)
Very nice piece - something that is not usually seen.

Brandt - US
kerr no-buckl (2012-06-04)
Looks good while not too close to an original to be confused with a "real" one, and unbelievably fast shipping.

Ashmead - US
US Kerr No-Buckle Sling for M1917 (2011-11-23)
Pleased with the service and fast delivery. The sling fits well and looks good on my M1917.

This is my second purchase from WPG and I have been pleased with both transactions.

Matto - US
M1917KerrSling (2011-09-21)

Phil - Woodstock
? (2011-06-08)
Works for me. Good deal!

Obremski - US
Nobuckle Sling M1917 Enfield (2011-05-11)
Quality sling and fast shipping Thanks

Zirkle - US
maulhamer us (2010-12-11)
great sling looks and functions perfect
installing takes a little thinking.great material
shipping super fast
put on win.m1917 thanks.

anderson - US
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