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Great x 2! (2016-08-06)
Ordered a set for my son and I, perfect fit (with planned growing room for him), came within 5 days!

Brady - Wisconsin, US
Efficient and professional service and delivery (2016-07-05)
The British PBI Basic Infantry package is perfect for our needs at Royal 22e Regiment museum here in Quebec City. The service was fast and efficient. My only complaint is that I was expecting 2 trouser patterns - the P-37 and the P-40 but only received the P-37. The person in the sales department told me that the trousers were either or but not both. This is not clearly indicated on the website. Why would I have a choice of 2 trousers and choose the sizes of each but only receive one pair?

Schurman - CA
Product very good, website needs work (2012-03-19)
The quality of the clothing is outstanding. The "XL" P37 braces measure out about a inch and a half shorter than my original "L" braces - not sure if that was just a mix up in production or what. The webbing is also distinctly more tan than the original pieces I have, which display a faint greenish hue. For the price, I would consider such matters trivial.

My only complaint is with the website itself. There are no instructions on how or where to measure one's self to fill out the form, and there is a discrepancy between actual measured size and the size on the uniform. For example, I have a 42" chest and a 43" waist, but a size 46 BD Jacket is a perfect fit. The ordering instructions really need to be clarified.

Lowry - US
PBI Package (2012-02-10)
Outstanding. Everything fits great, well made. Very happy. Quick shipping.

Armbruster - US
awesome package (2011-11-23)
my first purchase with WPG, everything went smoothly. the uniform and everything that was included with the package is top notch stuff.

Jacob - USA
Great (2011-10-12)
Very pleased with everything, transaction handled professionally and very prompt shipping.

Seth - US
PBI (2011-02-15)
Perfect for someone just getting started in Commonwealth, saves you a bunch of moolah!

Pearson - US
trouser braces (2011-01-13)
they look amazing!!!

turrell - CA
Braund (2009-12-05)
These were or my enthusiast son who was delighted with them! Your service, speed and communication was excellent. Thank you!

Braund - GB
British PBI Basic Infantry Package (2009-09-23)
A good basic package to start the British impression. The package came in really fast and complete. The battledress looks very nice and fits perfect. I'm very pleased with all the gear!

Butstraen - BE
PBI Infantry Package (2009-06-24)
Excellent quality made products. Missing from the order: Trouser Braces, Bayonet Frog and Water bottle carrier. Box had split obviously through transit. Have sent an email with no reply as yet.

Henley - AU
PBI package review (2007-06-19)
I recieved the PBI package from WPG in good time, the only holdup was typical British customs.
The Package was complete as ordered with a leather jerkin as an optional extra. Jerry had been helpful with sizing info prior to me ordering.
I opened the box with anticipation, I was not disapointed at all.
The BDU is a faithful copy of early ''37 pat and the colour when put against an original is very close. The supplied webbing set was early ''37 style with brass fittings and in good condition. Ammo boots are repro but also very good.
All in, I would reccomemnd any one looking to find this type of gear to give WPG your cash and enjoy what you get in return!

Andy - Bristol, UK