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Fast (2017-12-20)
Everything arrived on time, as ordered. WPG has always given great service. My thanks to Wajid and the rest in Dubai.

Morrison - PL
Amazed (2017-09-03)
Very much satisfied with my purchases. Will continue to shop here.

Romero - US
Good quality socks (2017-07-23)
Too small for my size 11 feet but good quality socks for someone in my house.

Hill - US
The best in the business (2017-04-08)
As expected, WPG comes through with fine reproductions that are the closest to the real items as I have seen so far.

Brennan - US
Fast delivery! (2016-01-23)
Very nice item at a reasonable cost!

Steffen - US
fast delivery, great service (2016-01-19)
Great socks; Keep feet warm during winter in northern minnesota. Feel very comfortable

Lottes - US
Great (2016-01-03)
Great product, great service, and quick delivery.

Rexrode - US
socks (2015-12-28)
very good socks

Ambrose - US
Woolen army socks (2015-11-24)
Comfortable and warm. Thanks for the fast shipping!

Anze - CA
Sock review (2015-07-03)
Outstanding product and service. Well recommended!!!!!!

Greenshields - CA
WWI Socks (2014-11-16)
Keep the feet warm for WWI AEF impression and don't break the bank.

McCullough - US
Brit Socks (2014-09-26)
Nice socks.

Smith - US
Excellent socks (2014-09-25)
Excellent socks. Very comfortable, even in warm weather. And they don't cause my feet to sweat!

Midgette - US
who knew socks could be exciting? (2014-09-21)
Look right and very comfortable to wear. The fact that they are really cheap is simply an additional bonus

Parker - GB
wool socks (2014-07-30)
fast service, great quality, could do with larger shoe sizes though as the leg/shank isn't very generous

corbett - GB
recommandations 100% (2014-07-13)
Expédition très rapide, matériel de très haute qualité, je recommande très fortement.
Contact très agréable, et je n'hésiterai pas à recommander!
Satisfaction 100%
Merci et à bientôt

Aurelien - FR
Socks (2014-07-10)
Great quality socks. Ideal for the winter

Fenech - MT
Mr. (2014-06-29)
Nice quality and ideal for the winter.

Fenech - MT
(British) Wool (blend) Socks (2014-04-17)
- I ordered (3) prs for USMC, Brit, & another TBD display
- Well made & could just be worn, day-to-day
(and not horrifically expensive)
- The generic gray "works" in a variety of situations/ settings
- I plan to order more

Reus - US
Reprp grey socks (2014-04-02)
Good, correct colour item for wearing with those bloody ammo boots.

Jenkinson - US
Good deal (2013-12-17)
Pretty comfy and warm; definitely good for the money.

Carlson - US
grey socks (2013-12-13)
I put them on when I got them and they are very comfortable

Leon - Victoria, Australia
US Army, USMC and British Army Gray Wool Blend Socks (2013-10-30)
Comfy and fast delivery.

socks (2013-09-09)
great socks,very warm ,does the job thank you

harding - GB
us usmc british army grey wool blend socks. (2013-07-03)
Great fit and feel. Plan on buying more.

Collier - US
Great (2013-06-14)
Just as described and quite cheap. Thank you!

Roberts - US
Grey Sox (2013-04-24)
Perfect repro's

Pickett - US
Good fit (2013-04-07)
Look and feel good. Size 12 foot. US

Rouhselang - US
wool socksq (2012-06-08)
Nice sock.feel great,,look good.thanks

Horn - US
Grey Wool Blend Socks (2012-01-10)
Very nice item. Better than described or expected. These are a great buy.

Gonzales - US
D.Palmer (2012-01-04)
These socks are great qualilty You will not find a better replica pair of gray socks for your British kit will keep feet nice and warm.

palmer - GB
One of my favorites; could be improved (2011-11-11)
Fitting, Durable & Useful. It is true that the Large Size is just too short; they come perfectly fitting, so natural shrinking will soon outcome in big toes popping out & enhanced wear on the heel. Since there''s no choice for a size up, I think that this issue should be regulated. Otherwise, the blend is excellent.
As always, impeccable lightning fast delivery

Lazzaro - Italy
wool blend socks (2011-10-26)
Great quality Look good very pleased.

Campbell - US
sox (2011-06-29)
feel great

Hunnewell - US
Quality (2011-05-11)
Great service and quality product

Bush - US
wool socks (2011-03-25)
this is my second purchase. Very good.

quattrina - IT
Great item (2011-03-18)
As always the WPG hit the jackpot with this item, too. I fully recommend to buy this item for every reenactor.

LtMoravcuk - SK
I have ordered this item second time (2011-03-18)
My friend saw this shirt on me at the reenactment event and fallen in love to it. I needed to order the same one for him. Great item.

LtMoravcuk - SK
Gray wool blend socks (2011-01-25)
These socks feel great against the skin and have excellent insulating properties. Hand wash and they last a good while.

Harrington - US
Very Comfortable, Lasting & Warm (2011-01-01)
I've bought another batch of these versatile, durable, comfortable boot socks. I wear them everyday, at work & all, they stand continuous use very well -though my left big toe keeps on opening itself an exit, old problem: it's true that, due to an unavoidable rate of shrinkage, it should have been more practical to make 'em more roomy when new; it must be said anyway that they stand excellently multiple repairs with darning egg.
Very fine & strong Quality; Effective in the coldest as well as in warmest weather; Comfortable with un-comfortable boots. What more?

Ricciardi - IT
grey socks (2010-12-07)
excellent,very comfortable

Haycock - GB
wool socks (2010-10-28)
good copy good quality

Kuntz - US
Socks (2010-09-25)
Very good and very comfortable. So good I'm oredering another three pairs.

Bennett - GB
Army Gray Wool Blend Socks: OK (2010-09-19)
Perfectly Fitting & Durable, OK for reenactment but comfortable for modern tastes *certainly not grandpa's stinging matting wool* Effective both in mild as in cold/wet weather

Lazzaro - IT
Boot-Worthy (2010-09-13)
Excellent Fabric, Durability & wearability; I''m not an expert in the field, I''ve bought it just to wear it in the wilderness & I''m pretty satisfied

Lazzaro - Italy
US Army, USMC and British Army Gray Wool Blend Socks (2010-08-03)
Great quality and service.

Lauria - US
GREAT!!!!!! (2010-06-28)

Good socks. (2010-06-16)
It is hard enough finding a decent pair of wool socks that are not modernized with poly-blends and stand out from a mile away... These socks may have poly in them but you wouldn't ever know unless someone told you. I'm impressed with these, they really look the part.

McNamara - US
Gray wool blend socks (2010-06-09)
Superb repro in every respect - give them some real hard use & have a go at proper darning!!
Thanks again Jerry.

Ulrich - GB
Great value! (2010-06-04)
I bought the three pair deal and they have held up to numerous washings and a few reenactments. Feel confident in ordering.

Matthew - Denver
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