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, super, (2020-10-31)
very good repro , the radio satisfy me very much

baulard - FR
Excellent Reproduction (2020-07-14)
Outstanding product and fast shipping. Very impressed.

Corey - CA
The Best (2020-06-16)
Excellent reproduction that works well. Expeditious shipping, securely packaged. A-1 Transaction. Thank you!

Rochon - US
PRC Squad Radio (2020-05-03)
Received the Squad Radios's Reproduction - As stated in Add.
Work's accordingly and makes a great display.

Davis - US
Excellent delivery speed! (2020-03-26)
I bought the model with the PMR built in. I no longer need to take the original set I have when I'm displaying my Jeep. Putting this against my original it is a very good copy, very pleased with the item.

Pete - UK
Great Deal, Quality Reproduction (2020-03-22)
Bought the non operation model for display, It looks great!

Kenneally - US
Super (2020-03-15)
Thank you for these very difficult product to find today..

Livraison rapide (2020-03-14)
Un coup de peinture olive drab mat et l'équipé d'un talkie ce sera top Merci pour cette repro

Great product (2020-03-10)
I purchased the bc611 shell. It is made exceptionally well. Sturdy metal case. Looks just like the original military unit. I have plans to put in a hf ssb transceiver as my next project.

Nelsen - US
Faster than some local deliveries! (2020-01-03)
Despite coming from overseas, the item was delivered in just a few days. DHL did a great job of moving it. Great selection of carriers. A perfect light weight item for my top heavy mannequin.

Stewart - US
fast delivery (2020-02-10)
very happy with the walkie talkie thanks

Walls - US
Fantastic with so much potential for internal projects (2020-02-02)
For the price, this is one hell of a bargain! I didn't want the modern radio inside, so got it without. There is so much space inside, ideal for projects like fitting a speaker and playing 'radio traffic' recordings through a cheap MP3 player. Simply, easy and effective.

Mackay - UK
looks good and works good! (2020-02-01)
looks good and works good!

Tobey - US
Excellent reproduction, fast delivery (2020-01-30)
A really great reproduction. Fast shipping, arrived in about four days. Thank you.

Moffatt - NZ
Very happy with the item. (2020-01-27)
Excellent repro. Looking forward to fitting it with uhf walkie talkie with Australian frequencies.

Small - AU
fast delivery (2020-01-07)
Perfect organization and punctual, fast shipping!
I'm very satisfied!
I recommend it to others.

Quality but worried US Customs (2019-11-26)
The authenticity and quality of the Unit is impressive. Dimensionally correct with well made operational features, this is a great Unit.

Vazzana - US
Excellent (2019-11-26)
This BC 611 very beautiful for reenactment i do

Close Authenticity, Extremely FAST Delivery! (2019-11-12)
PROS: Shipping was extremely fast for a delivery from the UAE! The product was very close in terms of authenticity to the real BC611. It was used in a 3-day continuous day and night WW2 Immersion airsoft event without campers, heaters, light, modern amenities, no nylon, no chairs, digging and living in foxholes, patrols and skirmishes on hills, forests, etc. It is very robust and used at temperatures ranging from 44degF (6.7deg C) high to 20degF (-6.7degC). It was left outdoors continuously in heat, cold, dirt around foxholes, dragged with webbing and performed well. It was used by a younger group of people (18-20 year olds) who are rougher than your usual WW2 reenact. The AA batteries still had juice in them even after 3 days leaving the radio on!

CONS: The price was a little bit high for younger patrons of WW2 historical events. A little "price shaving" say like $10-$15 could be fair to both seller and buyers. The availability of both the Full and Housing only options is almost nil all the time. If they do become available someone grabs them fast like the Housing only option.

I would definitely HIGHLY recommend this product and would buy some more for my group!

George - Okla US
A Great Buy (2019-11-08)
I ordered this excellent item on a Sunday in the U.K. and arrived from WPG’s UAE depot the next Thurs. V well presented, but the radio cannot be legally used in the U.K. However, it will be a cheap and easy fix to replace the unit supplied, if you have the skills or a friend who does. Highly recommended.

Chris - U.K.
Great Piece Of Kit And Great Service (2019-11-03)
I bought two radios and unfortunately one had issues. Problem solved immediately without a problem.
Really nice radio and perfect for reenactment.
Glad I bought them and can’t wait to use them in the field.
Would recommend to anyone.

Kennedy - AU
Bc-611 Radio (2019-10-29)
Received the Handie-Talkie radio in good condition and quick delivery. I'm very satisfied in WPG will do bussiness with them again.
Thank You

Stanek - US
Highly recommend - like the real one (2019-10-29)
The reproduction of the radio is of a high level of quality in workmanship and the finish is flawless. The delivery by DHL, though, was awful and it was extensively addressed to WPG for their consideration. it is a separate issue that is not impacting on my appreciation of the product. My only negative comment about the product relates to the instruction leaflet for the operation of the FRS radio inside the unit. It is lacking consistency and does not reflect the actual unbranded FRS radio supplied with the unit. Namely: cross references to included figures don’t match up. On another note I unexpectedly had a hard time fitting the three AA batteries inside the FRS radio because of the marginal design of the tight battery compartment and associated contacts. I own other branded FRS radios and installation of batteries in them is a breeze. WPG should take a look at it. Other than that I am very happy with my truly realistic BC 611 and all in all I give it a five stars.

Jacques - QC / Canada
Nice radio (2019-10-26)
Worth the money, but I wish these were in stock more frequently.

Bannerman - US
BC-611 Radio (2019-10-21)
I'm extremely satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the radio. So satisfied, I ordered another. I waited for my 1st radio to be delivered. I wanted to see the quality in person. Excellent reproduction!

John - Texas USA
BC-611 Handie Talkie (2019-10-21)
Excellent quality and workmanship. I'm extremely happy. I order one radio at first. I wanted to put my hands on it and give it the once over. Since then, I placed another order for a 2nd radio. .

John - Texas/USA
Super Fast (2019-10-18)
Super radio.

Chrystian - AT
BC-611 Radio (2019-10-17)
Very good quality. Fast shipping.

Rick - Texas USA
BC-611 Radio (2019-10-17)
Very good quality. Fast shipping.

Rick - Texas USA
Worth every penny. (2019-10-17)
To say the delivery was fast would be an understatement.
Je n'ai jamais reçu un tel livraison de l'autre bout du monde à cette vitesse. Order to delivery. Sat night to Tue midday!!
Great little replica. The FRS looks to be a Motorola clone, which is appropriate since the original was from a Motorola susidiary. Both radios arrived with spare screws. Ideally, WPG should put up a more detailed instruction sheet that applies to the BC611 in general and not just the FRS. But that is just a tiny flaw that does not detract from this excellent product. Cheers WPG!

Peters - CA
Extremely fast! Logistic absolutely TOP (2019-10-15)
I’ve bought BC611, quality as expected - very good! With pleasure again.

Chrystian - AT
Rapid delivery, good product (2019-10-15)
I was very pleased with the quick delivery time and the quality of the radio. Thank you.

Alvarez, Daniel R. - US
Great item! (2019-10-13)
Very pleased with the radio - a few small issues with wiring but were easily fixed - WELL DONE!!

Chris Lewis - US
Fantastic (2019-10-12)
Better than expected! I was glad I got these before they sold out. Really happy with them.

Redimon - Australia
Very prompt delivery. Fair price. (2019-10-11)
The exterior construction is detailed and correct. It appears to be sturdy and should be able to deal with normal wear and tear of reenacting. The range of the radio was at least 3/4 of a mile when I tested it. My only concern was how the actual walkie talkie is hard wired inside. I found a radio headset for a motorcycle helmet that could be used to replace the existing setup, when and if it fails. Also, the spare parts and instructions included was a nice touch too. WPG did a good job.

Baltzer - US
New 2019 version (2019-10-05)
Instructions are a little confusing. The text refers to numbered items but the graphic is not numbered. It is easy enough to figure out. Also the web description says 3x AA batteries but the instructions say 3x AAA. It is actually AA

Alan - MI/USA
Excellent Radio and Fast Delivery (2016-09-13)
Excellent radio for a WWII display. Really fine details.

Smith - US
Reproduction BC611 (2016-08-15)
For the price, these radios are a good alternative to purchasing and taking original radios into the harsh elements that we usually experience reenacting. In my opinion the only changes needed are that the bracket under the push to talk button needs flipped around, slotted instead of phillips screws should be used, and the antennas could be better. One of the two radios I ordered is missing the tip of the antenna but I plan on replacing it with an original anyways. Over for $135 each, these are very good alternatives for reenactors.

Puls - US
Superb! Fast delivery. (2016-05-05)
This radio actually exceeded my expectations. So much so, I intend to buy another in the future. As this was my first purchase from WPG, I am impressed with the quality and the speed of delivery and I intend to use WPG a lot more in the future for other items and uniforms. My reluctance in the past was due to distance and international post, but this is obviously not a problem for such a professional company.
My thanks and appreciation to all at WPG.

Derby - UK
First class (2016-04-19)
First class customer service, great product. Delivery quicker from UAE to uk than UK internal post. Other internet sites could learn a thing or two from these folk

Barnett - UK
Great Radio, Fast Delivery (as usual) (2016-03-24)
WPG never fails to deliver surprisingly fast. And this radio is just right! Works fine and looks fine.
Some may say that the color and screws are a bit off but these will be corrected before our next re-enactment. Just another opportunity to learn about the original item.
Keep up the great work, guys!

Frank Walsh - US
Better than expected (2015-11-29)
Very happy with the look and feel of these radios! They look authentic , but are a little lighter in weight than originals .I Will use them in re enactments and think they will look very authentic . And I am always amazed that items shipped by WPG arrive in 72 hours from the UAE to Chicago suburbs .

Fink - US
Handie talkie. (2015-11-06)
Looks good,fast delivery, but the only downside is the walkie talkie inside is not compatible with the frequency we use in the UK.

twamley - UK
BC-611 (2015-11-03)
The reason why I gave her it a four was because of the FRS inside. Distance in the woods is only about 200 yards. Need to have a better FRS inside. Apart from that, a brilliant piece.

Nook - US
Mr (2015-09-25)
Only bought one, but need to save up for number 2. Excellent value, all works well and suits my Jeep! Tracking and service A1.

Durham - UK
EXCELLENT ! (2015-09-15)
Thanks so much, arrived on time, very happy

javelin - AU
Radio (2015-08-23)
Got it and its great!

Phillips - US
Fast shipping, arrived damaged (2015-05-20)
The radio arrived extremely quickly. By the time I'd gotten the tracking number, it had already arrived. I intend it to be used at reenactments, and it serves that purpose well. The problem was that when mine showed up, one of the mounting points for the door on the bottom of the radio had broken off. Since I don't think I have time to send it back and receive a replacement before the next tactical, I will probably hold onto it and repair it with some JB Weld, but it would have been better not to have to deal with the problem at all.

Hanson - US
Excellent (2015-05-05)
Excellent fast mailing. My husband was totally shocked when it came, I bought it for him and I didn't tell him about it till he was opening it. He has been wanting to get one of these for the past year. Hoping to get another one soon.

Thank you,
Jodi S.

Sturgill - CA
CO (2015-04-25)
Just received our 3rd radio for the unit and it looks and operates great.

Gaston - US
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